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♣Shell casings from four types of handguns were recovered at the dance studio just off the town square in Dadeville, about an hour's drive northeast of Montgomery, Thornton said.▰


▏Much will be written about Abraham Verghese's multigenerational South Indian novel in the coming months and years.◎1206Y5000681GAT▽COWAN: The government's chief science advisor wasted little time, arguing that Iraq has given the UN every shred of information it has about its weapons program. But if that's still not enough, he offered to let the CIA into Iraq to see for itself➯JDV2S07FSTPL3⇩The two senators, as ideologically opposite as any pair in the Senate, were part of a large, bipartisan group in both houses of Congress that had called on automakers to keep AM in cars and who have signed onto a bill requiring it.█FQD2N60CTM_WS⏎TOKYO — A missing Japanese army helicopter carrying 10 crew members is believed to have crashed into the sea off a southern island after objects appearing to be aircraft parts were spotted in the area, an official said Thursday.▥

☍His arrest was the catalyst for a lawsuit that led to an 1879 ruling that determined a Native American was a person under the law with an inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.☛1808Y0160153JXT▊NPR's Se Eun Gong contributed to this report in Seoul.❒

░The bill makes it illegal to download TikTok in the state, with penalties of up to $10,000 a day for any entity, such as Apple and Google's app stores or TikTok itself, that makes the popular video-streaming app available.◎

◑The National Weather Service station in Glasgow, Mont., also deemed the air quality "very unhealthy" and urged people to limit their time outside, close their windows and refrain from burning any debris.♥


§"The Justice Department strongly disagrees with the Fifth Circuit's decision in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA to deny in part our request for a stay pending appeal. We will be seeking emergency relief from the Supreme Court to defend the FDA's scientific judgment and protect Americans' access to safe and effective reproductive care," Attorney General Merrick Garland wrote in a statement announcing the Justice Department's action.♠1N4914░About 13 hours across Ukraine by train, in the western city of Lviv, Bohdan Semenukha's mom, Viktoria, has taken a very different approach.♬IGW40N65H5FKSA1➥Just looking at the preliminary modeling has helped Stephenson bring a lot of his evidence and questions into focus — it may be early days, but he says he already has a better understanding of how the ship's stern came to be in such bad shape.☆VJ0603A3R9CXAAP♘Buckingham Palace released King Charles' coronation invitation on Tuesday, giving royal watchers much to discuss.

▔Many analysts say that even if Russia was victorious in Bakhmut, it was unlikely to turn the tide in the war.⇇C0402C479C3HACAUTO☼Please share your story with us if you have used medications for an abortion or for treatment of a miscarriage. What was your experience trying to get the prescription and taking the pills? Did you face obstacles getting care you needed? What impact did it have on your life?▉


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