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☆McCurtain Gazette-News publisher Bruce Willingham said he left a voice-activated recorder in the room following a county commissioners' meeting on March 6 because he suspected officials were continuing to conduct businesses after the meeting in violation of the state's Open Meeting Act, the AP reported.➶

✉The United States has offered a $10 million reward for El Mencho's capture, but the Jalisco cartel has violently fought past attempts to arrest him.↨


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1206J0500182KCT↘WASHINGTON — Sudan's warring factions have agreed to a new short-term ceasefire, U.S. and Saudi mediators announced on Saturday, after several previous attempts to broker a truce that holds have failed.✄NXPSC206506Q⇀"This is performance litigation – political activism masquerading as a lawsuit," said Emily Flower, Knudsen's press secretary. She added that a court decision blocking the Legislature's censure of Zephyr would violate the separation of powers between branches of government.▨


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UMK325C7106KM-T◤"Update 2:37 pm ET: The Montgomery County Sheriff's office announced that the suspect was possibly in a landfill, nearly 10 miles from where the shooting took place. An employee with the landfill spotted a Hispanic male walking near the wood line and wanted to report the sighting as maybe being Oropesa. It was determined that the person was not the suspect.∎0805J063P800BQT■Though no major problems were reported during today's voting, Human Rights Watch has called the elections "fundamentally flawed," occurring within the framework of a 2017 constitution written by a commission appointed by the military following its 2014 coup.◆


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SMAJ4740A-TP↑Zaslav graduated from BU's law school in 1985 and was being given an honorary degree. On Sunday, he told students how important it is to be respectful and kind. But he paused several times as some students booed, chanted and turned their backs.◎CDR32BP331BJWSAR⇘On Wednesday, a three-judge panel in New Orleans questioned lawyers representing the federal government, mifepristone's manufacturer and the plaintiffs who oppose abortion. All three judges were appointed by Republicans: Circuit Judges James Ho and Cory Wilson were tapped by Donald Trump, while Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod was appointed by George W. Bush.▦

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