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♦Priscilla Orta, an attorney based in south Texas who represents migrants for the group Project Corazon, criticized the vulnerability guidelines in the CBP One app, saying they don't explicitly consider LGBTQ migrants as vulnerable.❑

♠McIlwain is no Pollyanna, though, and Sidle Creek includes stories of community failure and violence a well. In "Where Lottie Lived," the titular Lottie lets her house, the site of horrors from her childhood, crumble around her even as neighbors come sniffing around about buying the property. In "Eminent Domain," a woman recognizes she will have to leave if she wants to "be anything that ain't a few steps away from crazy." In the background of many of the stories are hints of broader issues within the region — mines closing, workplace injuries, a lack of easily accessible medical care — but these realities aren't at the center of characters' lives.▌


➲The team at Hip Hop Public Health says that hip-hop offers something extra when it comes to the information they're trying to relay. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, a hip-hop pioneer formerly in the seminal group Run-DMC, says "it speaks in a youthful, fun, understandable way" while packing the intensity of punk rock or rock and roll.▢IPP126N10N3G╬Amid the violence, Pakistan's telecommunication authority blocked social media, including Twitter. The government also suspended internet service in Islamabad and other cities. Classes at some private schools were canceled Wednesday, and several social media sites remained suspended.⇔APT8043SFLLG▄"I can remember the name really bugged me at first. I was really proud that I was named after Thomas Edison and wanted to be called Edson," he said. "I thought Pelé sounded horrible. It was a rubbish name. Edson sounded so much more serious and important."┲T491D226K020AT4659☀An "adult live performance" is described in the law as "any show, exhibition, or other presentation in front of a live audience which, in whole or in part, depicts or simulates nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or specific sexual activities ... or the lewd exposure of prosthetic or imitation genitals or breasts."△

▰El Niño usually brings a quieter Atlantic hurricane season and more hurricane activity in the Pacific, while La Niña does the opposite — a dynamic that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has compared to a seesaw.㊣C1206C111J4HAC7800∷"How can a mother support her son going off to war?" Sanina said. "I don't know if I would have if I were in her shoes."▢


✌The moves come at a time of heightened religious fervor – with Ramadan coinciding with Passover and Easter celebrations. Jerusalem's Old City, home to key Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites, has been teeming with visitors and religious pilgrims from around the world.◎PDTC114YEF,115◊He said political leaders should set aside their egos and "sit together and think about Pakistan, which is on the verge of a default."▦SDR0805-270KL✄Looking back, Reynolds realizes that her mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease: "By the time we caught on, it was too late."⊙08051C332K4T4A⊕"Repeated near-default episodes brought on by debt limit debates could erode confidence that the U.S. government's repayment capacity is resilient to political dysfunction and may affect Fitch's view of the sovereign credit profile."⇧

▨An officer from the Allen Police Department heard gunshots at Allen Premium Outlets at 3:36 p.m. while out on an unrelated call. He then located and "neutralized" the shooter, said Brian Harvey, the police chief for the Allen Police Department, during a Saturday night press conference. The shooter is believed to have acted alone, he said.⇠SFAS808G MNG⇓The Saturday night matchup between the Earthquakes and the Red Bulls came to a halt after Ebobisse said he heard an opposing competitor use a racist epithet on the pitch.❤


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FG18X7R1H154KRT00♀Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin, Murdaugh’s attorneys, said in a statement to The Washington Post that their client “has been cooperating with the United States Attorneys’ Office and federal agencies in their investigation of a broad range of activities.”↫ND412426◊Israel's foreign minister, Eli Cohen, spoke with the Chief Rabbi of Tunis, Haim Bitan, and "told him that Israel stands alongside the community in this difficult hour." He said he instructed ministry officials to provide all needed aid. Israel and Tunisia do not have formal diplomatic relations.◄


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