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☛Altria said in a statement to NPR that all its contracts "meet and often exceed the law" with regard to child labor and that 97.6% of its contracted growers achieved certification. When asked what the consequences would be for growers if children under 16 were found working, Altria directed NPR to the GAP Connections compliance guide and said that "we evaluate why the grower was not certified and take appropriate actions, up to and including terminating our contract with the grower."☞1210J1K00220KCR☢Nearly seven million deaths from COVID-19 have been reported to WHO, Tedros said. More than 1 million of the deaths were in the United States alone. But Tedros emphasized that "we know the [death] total is several times higher, at least 20 million."→1812J0250102GCTIn one of the released texts body cameras are mentioned. Discussing an arrest made with the neighboring police department of Pittsburg, Calif., whose officers did have cameras, an officer wrote: "If Pitt didn't have all those body cams and that was us ... we would have f&*ked him up more."◄VJ0402Y822JLXAJ32◐It's unclear whether Ye would receive any payments due to him from the sale of the Yeezy stockpile. Gulden also did not go into detail about which organizations will get donations.♝

➧Francis also prayed that national leaders "ensure that no man or woman may encounter discrimination" and that there would be "full respect for human rights and democracy."↽1206Y0500563JXT⏎The vulnerabilities DHS will consider include a physical or mental illness, a disability, pregnancy and the lack of safe housing or shelter in Mexico, according to guidelines in the app. Migrants under the age of 21 or over the age of 70, and those who have been victimized in Mexico, will also be considered for the process.▨

☪"Our military will need only a few months of intensive training to learn how to use, operate and repair the F-16," he said. "And I don't have the slightest doubt it will significantly strengthen our air defense."⇂


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GA1206Y334JBABT31G➯Tatarsky was known for his blustery pronouncements and ardent pro-war rhetoric.↾1825Y0500154JXR➳The Kremlin says the American was caught "red-handed," but provided no evidence.⊡

▇At First Step, she can shift into whatever role her patient needs for as long as they need. Once, that meant sitting for hours on a floor in the lobby of the clinic as a patient cried and talked. Another time, Harrison doubled as a DJ for a nervous patient during an exam, picking music off her cellphone.⇐

▃There's a huge disconnect, though, with persuadable voters, making Trump's chances of winning a general election precarious. Just 29% of independents, for example, say he should be president again.⇊

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