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ღHouse Republicans blocked Democrats' effort to expel scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos from Congress less than a week after the first-term Republican congressman pleaded not guilty to fraud charges.▥MA0805CG332F250↼Hidalgo and some of her deputies campaigned to banish the "free floating" rental flotilla — so called because scooters are picked up and dropped off around town at their renters' whim — on safety, public nuisance and environmental cost-benefit grounds before the capital hosts the Olympic Games next year.▒NZX36C,133↜Tuesday's incident comes on the heels of two other high-profile instances of young people getting shot after allegedly approaching the wrong house, which have renewed focus and debate around "stand your ground" laws.♀C0201X7R160-221KNP×Vanzeir added that he would accept any suspension, fine or counseling handed down and that he would "use this opportunity to better myself, reflect and dedicate my time and efforts to work with organizations that tackle racial injustice."⇉

⊙Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila, who presided over Holmes' trial, found that her appeal did not raise "substantial questions of law or fact," and that she should not be allowed to remain out on bail as she fights her conviction.▫C1206C331J8HACAUTO➹The state aimed to address the problem with legislation in 2014 that requires local water agencies to bring their underground accounts into balance.↥


☢"Policy differences between the parties should not stop Congress from avoiding default," Biden said after the meeting, adding the leaders will "speak regularly over the next several days" as staff continues to meet daily.◘2220Y2500821JCR◄Police said Salinas Cortinas was caught with two guns and 600 pills, apparently fentanyl. He allegedly headed up drug and migrant smuggling along a stretch of the Mexican side of the Rio Grande river, also known as the Rio Bravo.☆TPSE477M006R0100V✿According to the bill, a suspect convicted of "attempted aggravated homosexuality" can be jailed for 14 years, and the offense of "attempted homosexuality" is punishable by up to 10 years.⇝1N5922BP/TR8┱The ability to adapt to the changing demographics and needs in a community is key to survival in the current, increasingly challenging environment for churches, says Payne, the transitional minister from Bartlesville.▣

↜In a joint statement Wednesday, House Intelligence Committee leaders Michael Turner, Republican of Ohio, and Democrat Jim Himes of Connecticut said the committee expected the intelligence community to continue its efforts and "modify its conclusions…on the basis of any new evidence of analysis."▒2106-H√In 2016, Pakistan appealed to the World Bank, which acts as a quasi-third party to the treaty. It asked the Bank to hold a court of arbitration to consider whether the design of India's hydroelectric schemes violates the treaty. This frustrated India, says Gupta, the editor-in-chief of The Print, in his video explainer, because a court can delay a project for years. To Indian officials, it looked like Pakistan was trying to play the role of a spoiler – adding to popular frustrations, because while both countries are allocated three rivers each, the bulk of the water flows in the rivers allocated to Pakistan. "India said, look, this has gone on for too long," says Gupta. "All our projects have got delayed like this."◄


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S0603-221NJ2B▥But a Pacific cold front moving into the area toward the end of the weekend was expected to bring rain and wind that could push the smoke away.☪RCE5C2E270J2M1H03A♭Pat Neal, 72, of Lincoln, was among those cheering the Nebraska vote Thursday. She, like others in attendance, expressed shock at the bill's failure.✿


◙Volokh said he didn't want to speculate on what Merchan would do if Trump disregards his request. He could choose to issue a gag order, or he may find it best to err on the side of Trump's right to free speech, even if Merchan has the power to restrict that right.☀AOT095A60L△For much of the last few decades, when the sky didn't produce enough water for his cows and crops, Dino Giacomazzi — like most farmers in California's southern Central Valley — pumped it from the earth. Underground aquifers, vast bank accounts of stored water, were drained.♝M39003/01-6079H❏Some people are tall and others are short. Some people are Black and others are white. Some people are loud and some are soft.☂5HN02N-AA⇚It's also likely to make Beijing nervous, but a senior Biden administration official told reporters this week, "We are briefing the Chinese in advance and laying out very clearly our rationale for why we are taking these steps."

•"It's terrible what has happened in this community, this county, this state," Lee said. "But it looks like your community has done what Tennessean communities do, and that is rally and respond."↝0603J050P560DCT▱"We weren't finding what we were expecting to find," one of them said.£


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T95R336M035CSSS♙Today, Castellano is a sophomore at Tufts University. But when he worked, he felt "this sense that working in those fields was going to be the rest of my life, that I had nothing else going for me."▢38DN68S02ELEMXPSA1➻"It kind of became apparent that people were learning from it ... it's almost like we were learning together. It grew quite quickly," Cooke said.☛

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