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⇛"Did you ever receive anything close to tens of millions of dollars separate and apart from The Wolf of Wall Street?" asked prosecutor Nicole Lockhart.✤2225Y0250152GCT➲A hybrid eclipse is a type of solar eclipse that looks either like an annular solar eclipse, when the moon covers only the center of the sun, or a total solar eclipse, when the moon covers the sun in its entirety.•C315C223G3G5TA↯Responding troopers identified the driver as 38-year-old Colin Davis McCarthy of Eugene.⇖1210Y1000680JFR↔South Koreans have long been inured to the threat from the North, but a jittery South Korean public has prompted Seoul to ask the U.S. for tougher deterrence measures. The announcements appear to be aimed at calming those jitters, by repackaging previous commitments or adding new material to existing policies.↫

►"When you have the highest leaders in the state and city validating that kind of perception and link, I think it makes people feel like it's OK to stand by when someone is being murdered for not actually hurting anyone," she added.✲2225Y0160394GCR✪The five former officers each face several charges, including second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression. All five officers have pleaded not guilty.⇛


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0402YA300FAT2A♝The U.S. hit its current debt limit — $31 trillion — in January.➚2220Y0630474JXT✃Earlier this week, the Chinese ambassador to France caused outrage by questioning whether former Soviet republics are sovereign states under international law. Ukraine was once a Soviet republic, as were over a dozen other currently independent countries. China's Foreign Ministry walked back the remarks, saying it does respect the sovereignty of former Soviet republics.√


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2150-34G❤One aspect of Corden's show that may have counted against him: He's not particularly political. So, as more outspoken hosts like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers drew attention for broadsides against Trumpism and Trump himself, Corden often seemed on the sidelines.☆NRS8030T470MJGJV♧The full effects of NPR being labeled as state-affiliated media aren't yet known, but it could reduce NPR's visibility on the platform. Twitter's policy states, "In the case of state-affiliated media entities, Twitter will not recommend or amplify accounts or their Tweets with these labels to people."◐


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0603J1500180JQT↢The complaint came from Miami Lakes resident Daily Salinas, who has two children at Bob Graham. It alleges Gorman's book would cause confusion and indoctrinate children. NPR reviewed the complaint and other materials after they were obtained through a records request to the school district from the Florida Freedom to Read Project.♪LD033C223JAB2A\500☠Anequs has grown up on the Island of Masquapaug with her family, and would have happily stayed there forever. But when a dragon hatches among her people for the first time in recent memory, it chooses her to bond with. She soon finds out that the Anglish settlers who have colonized the lands around Masquapaug have rules about who can have dragons and how they must be trained to shape the dragon's breath and hone its powers. With her community and her dragon under threat, she has no choice but to enrol at an Anglish school for dragoneers on the mainland. But it soon becomes clear that there are many people who want Anequs to fail, and she realizes that shaping her dragon's breath and her own sense of self based on Anglish values could destroy everything she cares about.▣

❥Both prosecutors and defense lawyers played the jury a video of Trump calling on the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by" during a presidential debate, a moment that made the club jubilant and produced a flood of new membership inquiries.➮

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