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➧OAKLAND, Calif. — California's reparations task force voted Saturday to approve recommendations on how the state may compensate and apologize to Black residents for generations of harm caused by discriminatory policies.░TLZ12-GS18۰Moscow said its New Year's attacks had targeted the pro-Western country's drone production.⇈2220J2500681KFT❤Under the dust and debris, the classroom told a story of life before the war, of the lives of 27 students and their teacher, disrupted and forever changed.♀JAN1N4493▓"The news for you and for every member in this legislative body is that this country is changing in magnificent ways," he told the body. "That the diversity of the state of Tennessee is changing in magnificent ways, that the voices and the people who are protesting aren't just Black folk, it ain't just white folk, ain't just rich folk or poor folk," Pearson said.↷

⇪Reynolds and Altria, two of the largest tobacco companies in the U.S., were among the companies that voluntarily adopted child labor policies exceeding federal law. To monitor compliance, both companies told NPR in statements, they require contracted growers to be certified and audited by the industry group GAP Connections.⇣4922R-271L☭"If you look at the issue of semiconductors, batteries or EVs," he commented, "would the U.S. really sacrifice its own interests to protect South Korea?"↷


▩Mahmoud Mahdi, a representative of the Sudanese American Physicians Association who left his country last month and spoke Friday to CBS News in Egypt's capital Cairo, said the priority for his organization and others trying to help was the people still stuck at the two border crossings between the nations.♜VJ0603D180KXPAJ▦"Conflicts of this nature between residents, boards, and management are rare, but are resolved through internal discussion, mediators, and the courts. An escalation of this nature is unheard of and deeply distressing," said Lyndsey McNally, Board President of the Canadian Condominium Institute's Toronto chapter, the largest national condo association.♣HC1206XR473K101☢Its FDA approval was challenged in a lawsuit last year by a coalition of anti-abortion groups and doctors.ぃC0805X361F5HAC7800◐Want more on infrastructure and the future? Listen to Consider This on how the EPA wants millions more electric vehicles on the roads.▅

☚"I just swore him in," Gwinn-Villaroel said during a press conference. "His family was there to witness his journey to become a police officer."✍M39006/22-0055❀"It's a very difficult subject to touch upon," said Ramiro Restrepo, part of Mage's ownership and a blood stock agent. "I'm sure there's going to be some investigations done as to the reason behind that, and hopefully that provides a few more answers."▫


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AUIRFS8403TRL▪Kenya is largely a conservative society and the president has in past said that gay rights are a non-issue in the east African country."↽QMK212B7222MD-T✁The chief justice urged Khan to appeal to his supporters to remain peaceful. Since his detention, violent clashes have erupted across several major Pakistani cities, where pro-Khan supporters denounced the powerful army. On Wednesday night, some protesters tried to set a police station ablaze in the capital, Islamabad. Others, in rare defiance, publicly questioned the military's role in the day-to-day running of the country.◧


❏The indictment alleges that Trump falsified New York business records in order to conceal damaging information before the 2016 presidential election.♚C0805C333K1RECAUTO7210ºBan kids at drag shows (S.B. 1438)♧1812J0630124MDR⏎He reportedly put the bust on a nearby table, and the explosion followed. Smotrova described people running in panic, some hurt by shattered glass and covered in blood.◎0805Y5000220KCT➛In this new version of the image, the gaps have been filled with the help of physics — namely, computer simulations of black holes — and machine learning. Researchers generated over 30,000 simulated images of black holes, covering a wide range of possibilities, and then looked for common patterns within those images.】

←The book, she said, was “falling apart.”▣IXFN32N80P⇉Broaden the death penalty (S.B. 450)♥


♨The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is demanding that ARC Automotive Inc. of Knoxville recall 67 million inflators in the U.S. because they could explode and hurl shrapnel. At least two people have been killed in the U.S. and Canada, and seven others have been hurt as a result of defective ARC inflators, the agency said.┱1N6536➞In finding Trump liable for battery, the jury awarded Carroll $2 million in compensatory damages, along with $20,000 in punitive damages. For the defamation claim, the jury awarded her $2.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $280,000 for punitive damages, finding that Trump had acted "maliciously, out of hatred, ill will, spite or wanton, reckless, or willful disregard of the rights of another" when he accused her of inventing the story.↕1825Y0160180KCT↲But when sounds are out of our control and not important to us, they shift into the category of noise: a neighbor's dog barking at a squirrel, a faulty car alarm, the drone of a highway.♥CDR31BP151BKWRAB✌It is worth noting that even though masks were often deemed ineffective in the U.S. in the early days of the pandemic, global evidence shows that N-95s and KN-95s worn properly do reduce your risk of contracting COVID (not to mention the flu and other respiratory ailments). And the U.S. did eventually embrace masks.◆

☻But still something wasn't sitting right with Vaughns, and he had plans to use his last year of eligibility on a bigger stage. So he went back to the portal in search of a third school.⇞S271K25X7RP65L7R➵One night last week, he had settled into bed in a hotel room in Minnesota, where he was attending a family member’s wedding, to watch the local news on his iPad. To his surprise, a segment about the book came on.↱


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