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RJK4007DPP-00#T2▣So, what now?↮P1812R-823G➵NPR has not sent a tweet from its official account since Twitter affixed the label.↕


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2220J0500122FFT♨Through the highs and lows of the novel's characters, Charry shows how all those forces are still shaping our present. There are, for example, references to a Great Wall being built to enclose 300,000 acres and keep the English colony "safe." There are scenes where no one knows where India is or where to place a brown person, so they dismiss Tony as a "Moor" instead. As for the legacy our present is creating for our future, we have only to note the recurring patterns of this past.↼C0805X332M2GEC7210☀Planned Parenthood, which provides a variety of reproductive health services including abortion through its clinics around the country, is the nation's most well-known abortion provider. More than a dozen states have implemented abortion bans in response to the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision in June 2022, forcing the organization's affiliates to adjust and adapt to a new legal landscape.►


ぃThanks to the many scientists who offered guidance and advice for this story, including Ripla Arora of Michigan State University, David Miller of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Joanne Muter of the University of Warwick, among others.LQH44PN6R8MJ0L◎The Israeli military said it was clear that both sides wanted to avoid a full-blown conflict. "Quiet will be answered with quiet," Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, a spokesman for the Israeli military told reporters Friday. But, he added, "All our eyes are now on Jerusalem."⇝SQCA5A102JAJMEErdogan is still popular, and has consolidated power under his presidency, but many Turks want a change. Human rights advocates have documented widespread arrests and purges of civil servants, journalists, activists, academics and others.▶2220Y1K50122JXT❥“We are not the morality police, and you cannot be someone else’s conscience,” she added later. “We must let people make these decisions for themselves.”♥

➫The indictment is the latest development in a sprawling Mississippi corruption case involving wealthy and well-connected people receiving contracts from the state Department of Human Services from 2016 to 2019.☞CZRA5926B-G∷On international issues, analysts say the U.S. and European countries would likely find Kilicdaroglu an easier partner to deal with, but shouldn't expect immediate or dramatic changes to Ankara's foreign policy positions.♪


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0805J0100152JXT☈As jurors left the courtroom, Sheeran quietly mouthed "thank you" in their direction. He then spoke for about 10 minutes with the plaintiffs, including the daughter of Ed Townsend, who co-created the 1973 soul classic with Gaye. They hugged and smiled with each other.▂CKC18C682JDGAC7800❁FIFA bills the men's Under-20 World Cup as "the tournament of tomorrow's superstars."↿


▒As Britons prepare for the coronation of King Charles III, we take a look at the United Kingdom's last coronation — for Queen Elizabeth II.▊0805Y0100562FCR⇂Antioch police claim Baldwin was drunk and combative. He was charged with resisting arrest, but those charges were dropped. The lawsuit was settled out of court, with officers admitting no wrongdoing.➹C0603C331M3HAC7867➥Renner was surrounded by family and supporters at the Rennervations premiere in Los Angeles, where he posed for photos and did interviews, at times making use of a cane and a knee scooter. At one point he flashed photographers a thumbs up sign while moving down the carpet.⇌C315C202J3G5TA7301◁As recently as Tuesday, Twitter's policy page stated explicitly that NPR would not be included in this label — before the wording was altered to remove NPR.◦

➮A Travis County jury convicted Perry of murder on Friday.♠CDR31BP181BFWSATぃHALEY: Well, I don't want unelected justices to be deciding something this personal. I have long said I am pro-life not because the Republican Party tells me to be, but because my husband was adopted. But having said that, I think what happened when it went back to the states now there could be consensus in each state. You know, there's some states that have been pro-life, I welcome that. There are some states that have erred on the side of abortion. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is. I think that we need to make sure that people's voices are heard. And I think we need to do this from a humanizing standpoint and not a demonizing standpoint, which is done in the past.☇


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