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ºAnother president often mentioned in connection with potential criminal liability is Warren Harding. Winning in a landslide in 1920, Harding inherited a country struggling to heal after World War I, a sharp recession and a period of social and political upheaval. He was known for urging a "return to normalcy," and to some degree achieved that. But just 17 months after taking office, he died suddenly of a heart attack at age 57.♭C328C331JAG5TA▱The dealership where Garcia bought the car did not reply to a message left by NPR.♘GRM155R71A393JA01J❈“They simply cannot take the chance that their business or liquor licenses would be suspended for hosting a drag show where children attend,” the lawsuit states.❣0805J1000391FFR↽"Our message to criminals on the dark web is this: You can try to hide in the furthest reaches of the internet, but the Justice Department will find you and hold you accountable for your crimes," Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a press conference Tuesday.▤

❤With a renewal in deadly violence affecting both Israelis and Palestinians in recent days, Francis called for a "resumption of dialogue, in a climate of trust and reciprocal respect, between Israelis and Palestinians, so that peace may reign in the Holy City and in the entire region,'' a reference to Jerusalem.⇝NTE2405▶"The government's supplemental motion for detention ... in many respects engages in hyperbolic judgements and provides little more than speculation that a foreign adversary will seduce Mr. Teixeira and orchestrate his clandestine escape from the United States," his defense attorneys wrote. "This argument is illusory."◙


▩"We have the opportunity to lead the national debate about the importance of protecting life and giving every child the opportunity to be born and find his or her purpose," said Republican Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka, who carried the bill in the House.◊CWR19MC106MCHB▌Lafitte was convicted in November on six federal charges, including conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, and committing bank fraud and wire fraud. He is awaiting sentencing.★C324C681G3G5TA7301◢Lowery's home in Marlboro County is at the heart of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls the "Diabetes Belt" — 644 mostly Southern counties where rates of the disease are high.↸C1210C100J3HAC7800◊The AMN Healthcare survey similarly recommended that health care providers create safer working environments and broader regulatory changes to make meaningful differences.♙

ぃLee was "made for the new world," Goldbard wrote.↚RPER71H155K8K1C03B⇩It is unclear at what point the driver of the 4Runner exited the vehicle, but detectives said after Kemp became ""very animated,"" the person attempted to drive away, but the open driver's side door got lodged against the vehicle next to it."☼

▱The governor said 48 others were treated in hospitals, with five in critical condition.▤

▐Including her pain.£

⇐Reynolds and Altria, two of the largest tobacco companies in the U.S., were among the companies that voluntarily adopted child labor policies exceeding federal law. To monitor compliance, both companies told NPR in statements, they require contracted growers to be certified and audited by the industry group GAP Connections.↜

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