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❏On her return to South Africa, Charlotte became a political and social activist, campaigning against colonialism and for women's rights. She founded the Bantu Women's League in 1918, which later became part of the African National Congress Women's League.⇂VJ0805Y563KBABE31◇Three others were injured and taken to a hospital.☂JAN2N5666【"Wembanyama, at the age of 19, is the best player in the French league this year," Zach Kram of The Ringer told All Things Considered. "He leads the league in points. He leads the league in rebounds. He leads the league in blocks. And he's been preparing for this for a long time."▋C1206X360K5HAC7800♛ATLANTA — Georgia Republican lawmakers approved a measure last week that would outlaw local officials from seeking almost all third-party funding to help cover the costs of running elections.▪

▒Of course, it is far too soon to know how 2024 will turn out. But right now, Trump is the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination. The proliferation of rival candidates only reproduces the dynamic that elevated him over a crowded GOP field in 2016. He is as formidable within the GOP as any nonincumbent presidential candidate has ever been at this point in the cycle. His status can only be compared to that of an actual incumbent president, which many of his supporters continue to claim he is.▢2220Y1K50122MXR↧For weeks, the White House insisted the administration would not negotiate unless Republicans agreed to first pass a clean bill to increase the debt limit without any conditions. But the president signaled he was open to some of these ideas, which were included in the bill that the House approved last month, including using savings from unspent COVID funds. He noted he voted for the "tougher aid programs" that are in the law now, but he thought any new work requirement rules should be different for Medicaid and was waiting to see the details of what Republicans were proposing.◦


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06035C492JAT2A↾Heidi Smith, the marketing director of Ivy Creek Healthcare, which runs a hospital in Dadeville, said the hospital treated at least 15 gunshot victims.◘TPSD476M016R0100➛Across the city, people have been grief-stricken by the attack. Candlelight vigils and tearful gatherings continue as funerals for the victims are underway. At Woodmont Baptist, Parker said some church staff and members had difficulty getting out of bed over the past few days.▐


♐It also was one that Fox has since pushed back against.☁CCR76CG102FRTR1♝Including a "Middle Eastern or North African" checkbox would likely reduce the share of participants who mark "White" or "Some other race," while increasing the shares marking "Black" or "Hispanic or Latino," the Census Bureau's 2015 research suggests.✄ER1641-103JM☞More than half of the 50 U.S. states also have banned the app from official devices, as have Congress and the U.S. armed forces.○C1210X119D1HAC7800↔Her curt reply: ''Over my dead body, sir.''☢

▱NPR found that many users of the Discord channel where Teixeira leaked information were fascinated by Orthodox Catholicism, guns, as well as racist, vile memes.⇂8.85E+11❁"I have no idea why he ended up in Wales. Maybe the ice shifted while he was hunting," Iworrigan said. "I'm pretty sure he ate leftovers of seal or caught a seal. Probably birds, too. He eats our Native foods. He's smart."➫


⇍Even Pelé himself wasn't sure where it came from, he wrote in a 2006 piece for The Guardian, but it may have been a play on Bilé, the nickname of a goalkeeper for the team Pelé's father played on.↕IPW60R099CP█A similar model of artist development achieved considerable success in Japan, with the most prominent example being NiziU.◐BZV55C20 L0G➨Bud Light's promotion with Mulvaney caught the ire of conservatives on social media, who called for a boycott. Three days after Mulvaney's post, Kid Rock posted his own video in which he wore a MAGA hat and fired a rifle at a few cases of Bud Light.➦2225Y2K00333JXR♪What had happened to them? Were they still in touch?↕

✏Nathan Brewer told local news outlets that he knew his daughter had planned to spend time with McFadden, but was unaware he was a convicted sex offender. He added that his daughter had spent past weekends with the family without issues.✆LD033A102FAB2A▭Mass incarceration has a ripple effect across society.⇐


☀The second participant mentioned was Natalia Arno, director of the NGO Free Russia Foundation in the United States, where she has lived for 10 years after leaving Russia.㊣FA18C0G2A331JNU00•Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has said that seizing the city would allow Russia to press its offensive farther into the Donetsk region, one of the four Ukrainian provinces that Moscow illegally annexed in September.◙VJ1210Y274KLJAJ32◈Germany is one of the main donors of weapons to Ukraine, and it ordered a review of its Leopard 2 stocks in preparation for a possible green light. Nonetheless, the government in Berlin has shown caution at each step of increasing its military aid to Ukraine, a hesitancy seen as rooted in its history and political culture.☜VJ0402Y103MLAAJ32♚"We saw severe overcrowding during the Trump administration and that severe overcrowding caused lost lives," Escobar said during a press call with reporters Friday. "Children died in custody during the Trump administration, they died of flu-like infections and not being treated ... but it came from severe overcrowding."♝

⇧In May 2008, Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar with a storm surge that devastated populated areas around the Irrawaddy River Delta. At least 138,000 people died and tens of thousands of homes and other buildings were washed away.❐1210Y1K00151JAR»The African Union's top council called Sunday for an immediate cease-fire "without conditions." It also asked the AU Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat to "immediately travel to Sudan to engage the parties towards a cease-fire."♣


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