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↭Just months after taking office, embattled Republican Rep. George Santos of New York has been charged with at least one federal offense, a source familiar with the investigation told NPR.➭


⇡"This is a blatant violation of our national sovereignty," Michael Driscoll, the head of New York's FBI field office, said at a news conference announcing the cases.♨0805J0250562KCT➡Many on Twitter had a one-word description for it: "disaster."GCM1885C1H100FA16D⊙Tokyo's Metropolitan Police said they found nearly 3,500 yami-baito listings on Twitter last year, reflecting a year-on-year increase of more than 50% despite efforts to stamp out the ads. Yami-baito crime rings have been known to advertise even on legitimate job-listing websites.↖VJ0805D681MXAAT①But the ceremony is about more than crowning the new monarch. The event — which lasts through Monday — will be filled with celebrations, performances and royal customs not seen since 1953 during Elizabeth's coronation.⇍

☜Ahead of a "major announcement" in his hometown of North Charleston, S.C., on Monday, Republican Sen. Tim Scott has quietly made his run for president official. In a filing with the Federal Election Commission Friday, Scott filed a Statement of Candidacy as a member of the Republican Party. The office sought? President.➭C0805C472J3REC7210↓Thank you, Margaret.▐

In recent polling he ranks well back in the pack of current and potential candidates, earning support in the low single digits. In contrast, former President Donald Trump's support sometimes tops 40 or even 50 percent.⊙


"And will call you if they see something?"♟1808Y1K20821GCT⊙Experts point out that this kind of AI, called natural language processing, has been around since the mid-1990s. And, it's not a panacea. "Machine learning is helping us get better. As we get more and more data, we're able to improve the system," says Matt Nock, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, who studies self-harm in young people. "But chat bots aren't going to be the silver bullet."CAS26C101JAGFC❀He said he will still oversee the company's product and software and serve as executive chairman and chief technology officer.▒08051C243JAT2A↺As such, Fox attorneys had sought to keep any potential liability against the cable network separate from that against the parent company. They also resisted requests from Dominion during the early stages of the lawsuit for information about the Murdoch family because, as Fox argued, "they were only affiliated with Fox Corporation," Dominion attorney Justin Nelson said on Tuesday.↼

۰Catholic Women's Ordination, a British-based group that says it's devoted to fighting misogyny in the church, welcomed the reform but asked for more.↜1812J0500122FFT™Body-camera video captures Coronado running toward Robb Elementary with Uvalde school district police chief Pedro “Pete” Arredondo. City police Sgt. Donald Page is already inside. None are captured in available video and audio records stating they have command or otherwise establishing who would lead the response — one of the fundamental errors of the police response, experts say. Even as more officers continued to arrive, body-camera footage and other records show confusion throughout the ranks as to what the next steps would be.▃


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BYD13KGPHE3/73♥Turkey used to have televised presidential candidate debates, but not since Erdogan took office.∴SCH1331-P-TL-H░A message sent to Jennings' district email address was not immediately returned. NPR also left a message with the McCurtain County Sheriff's Office.⇊


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