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☊Ocean's show was long-anticipated — in part because the singer-songwriter was scheduled to headline at Coachella in 2020 when the music festival was postponed due to COVID.❀13008-013KESB/HR❈Meanwhile in Bowdoin, Denise Pride, 58, a neighbor, said one of the victims was famous for delivering baked goods to neighbors on holidays. "They were very kind people," Pride said. "The neighbors were texting, shocked that it happened, and to them."☼M39014/01-1331V∎Current Antioch Police Chief Steven Ford, who is Black, came from San Francisco police to lead the department a year ago. At the first council meeting after the scandal broke, he said that he is trying not to reform, but to reframe policing there. "We're going to shift how things are done structurally, how they are done politically, how they are done administratively," he said.◁C0603X271G5HAC7867♦HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk also said in the press conference that he thinks "the letter K needs to be diluted" because K-pop is "a culture encompassing everything from fans, their consumption behaviors, production and industrial system" rather than a music genre.❉

➮Photos edited by: Grace Widyatmadja♪1812Y0160333JDT◑More than 70 cars and trucks were involved in the crashes, including 20 commercial vehicles, and at least 37 people were taken to the hospital with injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. The youngest injured was 2, and the oldest was 80, police said.


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IRFR120ATM☾The museum advises first-time hunters to do some online research first so they know what they're looking for — and warns everyone to take the appropriate precautions.⇏1N4752A_T50A↣The immunity from lawsuits granted to social media companies was enacted by Congress nearly three decades ago, when the internet was in its infancy. Today both the right and the left routinely attack that preferential status, noting that other content publishers are not similarly immune. So Thursday's decision is not likely to be the last word on the law.☛

▣In the past, Mattel's Barbie has been criticized for spreading unrealistic beauty standards for the children who play with the doll. In recent years, the company has moved to deviate from that reputation by offering more diverse dolls. It started making Barbie and Ken dolls with wheelchairs, vitiligo, hearing aids, and prosthetic limbs. The company unveiled its "most diverse doll line" in its 2023 Fashionistas lineup, which includes the doll with Down syndrome.⇧


▣Charles isn't just the king of the U.K.'s four constituent countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He's also the head of state of 14 Commonwealth countries. They include Canada, Australia, New Zealand and several island nations in the Caribbean and Pacific.⇤T95V685M010HZAL■Until his abrupt ouster on Monday, Tucker Carlson used his prime-time Fox News show — the most-watched hour on cable news — to inject a dark strain of conspiracy-mongering into Republican politics.▢MDKK2020T100MM○An analysis commissioned by the Fertilizer Institute, a group that represents the fertilizer industry, disagrees, saying that using phosphogypsum in road construction won't produce radioactive doses that are above the EPA's acceptable risks. Such work, it stated, "can be done safely and results in doses that are a small fraction of those arising from natural background radiation."⇒AQ149M470JAJWE⇂After the appeals court ruled against her last year, Daniels tweeted: "I will go to jail before I pay a penny."↽

⇏Ellsberg has been an inspiration for countless others in the U.S. and abroad ever since. And at 92, he is still actively supporting many of those emulators. Much more of him in a moment.☁CDRH105RNP-101NC❄Andy Rourke, whose fluid bass playing helped The Smiths soar from their roots in Manchester, England, to become an influential and beloved indie rock band, has died at age 59.⇀


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GJM0335C2A6R1DB01J⇢Plans also called for the exercise to include a destroyer, missile boats, ballistic missiles and land-based anti-ship missiles as well as early warning, electronic warfare and tanker aircraft, according to the The Global Times, a newspaper published by the Communist Party.➥C410C112K3G5TA7200▫"The rest of the country should be very deeply alarmed, because this is 100% the blueprint for tackling the vision that we have of our multiracial pluralistic democracy," she says.«

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