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TBJC225K025CBSZ0000ღFor example it will allow a transgender woman - a person who is biologically male - to access social and religious gatherings of females or women-only public places, and vice versa, it said.☝EDZFJTE618.2B▣ ↘

✿In his address, Putin drew parallels between the Soviet victory in 1945 and Russian forces battling what he called a "cult of Nazism" today in Ukraine.↚


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LQW18ANR15G8ZD♧Dianna Previs was a passenger on that flight. Once it landed, she says, the injured flight attendant was wheeled down the aisle, her leg extended and wrapped in an ice pack with what appeared to Previs to be a compound fracture. "She looked like she was in a lot of pain," she says.➯1210J5000681JFR▒Caroline Orr Bueno, a behavioral scientist who studies disinformation at the University of Maryland, warned that Twitter's move could muddy the water in a news environment where it's already difficult to decipher which outlets are reliable and have editorial independence.▩


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06033D154KAT2A☃A McCurtain County Commission meeting on Monday morning was attended by dozens of protesters, including Idabel Mayor Craig Young, KOSU reported. Idabel, which is located nearly 200 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, is the seat of McCurtain County.◪MA1206YV563Z500↣Enrique Tarrio and other leaders of the Proud Boys helped unleash a mob to stop certification of the 2020 election, part of a "fighting force lining up behind Donald Trump and ready to commit violence on his behalf," the Justice Department told a jury in Washington, D.C.✑

✪Barnett left the Capitol about 30 minutes after entering. He then joined the crowd outside, where he proudly displayed the envelope he had taken and encouraged others to go inside, prosecutors said.▶

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