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1812J1000105JDR↔These are some of the new stock images recently released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the government agency that focuses on accident prevention and has amused the internet for years with its public safety awareness memes on Twitter.◑MIW40N65-BP⇢One low-bar recipe for a "toast sandwich" kicks off with the advice: "Put one slice of the bread in the toaster. Toast it."↓


▣"For Palestinians, it represents the destruction of their society, the loss of self — the right to self-determination and the expulsion of most of them and the expropriation of the property of most of them," Khalidi said.⇇1N3522A✒The 39-year-old quarterback had been vocal for some time about his frustrations playing for the Packers, saying he should have been more involved in the direction of the team. And he explicitly talked about his plans to move to the Jets.➦1808J0160221JDT⇒She added that Wilt "did not hesitate." He ran head-first towards the shooter as the man turned his weapon, an assault rifle, in his direction. The suspect, a 25-year-old bank employee who livestreamed the violence, was killed by Galloway.┱BZG04-10-M3-18❈This story was produced in partnership with KFF Health News and WESA. Support for this reporting came from The Commonwealth Fund, the Association of Health Care Journalists and KFF Health News.【

◆The decision--and its unanimity-- were a huge win for social media companies and their supporters. Lawyer Andrew Pincus, who filed a brief on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said he saw the decision as a victory for free speech, and a vindication of Section 230's protections from lawsuits for internet platforms. What's more, he said, a contrary ruling would have subjected these platforms to "an unbelievable avalanche" of litigation.➼M39003/01-2616H㊣Biden said he has been considering invoking the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to keep making debt payments. It says that "The validity of the public debt of the United States ... shall not be questioned."☻


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HLQ02270HTTR✄The RESTRICT Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate this month, allows the U.S. Commerce Secretary to ban foreign technology companies, as well as encourages the intelligence service to declassify information on potential risks.★0805J2500221KXR⇔In the YouTube video, the 43-year-old told the story of his diagnosis. "When you're in the American health care system, you don't expect things to move quick," he said, recounting getting tested. "When it starts to get a little efficient, it's actually quite disconcerting."◑

➳But in the middle of this, a lady about my age who was totally blind came to see me from the Presbyterian College of Education, a mainstream school that was admitting students with visual impairments. Her name was Grace Preko and she was training to become a teacher. At that time, I could still see a bit. So I could see her. I saw how beautiful she was, how well dressed, everything about her. That conversation, that interaction was very meaningful to me. And I said in my heart, "I have a future."▲


►This wasn't Nasyrova's first brush with the law or with poison, authorities say.✲SA405A103KAC۰According to one of the bills Reeves signed into law Friday, Capitol Police will have "concurrent" jurisdiction with Jackson Police Department in the city. The expanded jurisdiction for the Capitol Police would begin July 1.£1N5919BGⓛSo, if Americans love TikTok so much, why has Congress proposed so many bills that could ban the app?⇏FDS6692A♦Environmental groups had lobbied the administration to pursue new regulations for forests that would limit logging of older trees.☁

◎In a Sunday evening email to the university, Rutgers president Jonathan Holloway said he was disappointed by the unions' decision to go on strike.♈SDR0703-6R8ML☠The mayor of Schuylerville, Dan Carpenter, told WAMC the incident made him think of his teen daughter, a newly minted driver.▭


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