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✄MARGARET BRENNAN: All right. Nikki Haley, thank you for coming on today and making your case.▀


❄The rules around publishing mug shots are oft-debated and ever-evolving, with policies varying by state.☀150D564X0050A2TE3→There are four lawmakers sponsoring the bill, Republican Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Alabama's Katie Britt alongside Democratic Sens. Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Connecticut's Chris Murphy, who say America's mental health crisis weighs most heavily on adolescents, especially young girls.◘0805J0251P20BCT❂Meanwhile, Halyna Hutchin's parents, Olga Solovey and Anatolii Androsovych, and her sister, Svetlana Zemki, are proceeding with their civil lawuit against Baldwin. Their attorney Gloria Allred says they are seeking punitive damages and remain hopeful, despite the dismissal of criminal charges against the movie star.→TAZH476K020LRSB0000⇞Violations can incur fines, which were capped at $1,000 a few years ago, to as much as $250,000.❤

↻The new law came into effect about a year after another piece of legislation came into effect in Britain that also that curtailed the right to peaceful protest across the country. Those new rules, which drew protests themselves, gave law enforcement agencies powers to shut down a demonstration if they deem it too "disruptive" or "noisy."➭S0603-33NF1C◥I love my family. I was brought up in a very close family. Of course we fight, but we also laugh together. We share everything — all the joys and the pains. And I know the pain I am feeling, my family will feel the same thing. We confide in each other and find comfort in that. When I want to be happy, my family is always there for me.☾


And there are a few things officials want people to know before they set out to search.█1808Y0500153JFT▌"We left that behind," Hurley told The Associated Press. "In November, December, February, March, we've been as good as anybody."☼C316C682F5G5TA♂"As proven at trial, the defendant engaged in an extensive conspiracy to use millions of dollars in foreign funds to engage in illegal back-channel lobbying and make unlawful campaign contributions," Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. of the Justice Department's Criminal Division said in a statement. "Today's verdict demonstrates that anyone who engages in unlawful foreign-sponsored efforts to influence American officials, our elections, or the criminal justice system will be brought to justice."➥0402YD222KAT2A★The Brazilian charges were dropped after the congressman's deal and there are no further cases there against him, Santos' lawyer told NPR.☈

☼The first shock of 2016 for many observers came when the primaries and caucuses began and Trump's appeal seemed most intense among those voters whoe were farthest from Trump's own life of privilege, wealth and sophistication. Trump not only accepted this, he reveled in it. Campaigning in Nevada in February, he looked at the details of a poll and loudly proclaimed: "I love the poorly educated!"▪AIUR-10-102K➭Writers and production companies are grappling with how to reconcile drastically different ideas of how the media business should handle streaming platforms. It's a new version of their perennial disagreement over residual payments — the money that writers get when their material is reused. And compared to the last big strike, which lasted from 2007 to 2008, new players are involved.▥


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IPD50P04P4L11ATMA1◐Miranda Lambert thrilled them with a rousing, sing-along version of "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," Nelson's 1978 hit with Waylon Jennings. The Chicks blazed through 1970's "Bloody Mary Morning" at the same break-neck pace that Willie and his Family Band played it live in their prime.▤CKR06BX223KM▪Vilsack said it was the largest single federal investment in rural electrification since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act in 1936 as part of the New Deal.☪


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T356A104K035AS⇐Rapp said that Putin has faced no meaningful accountability for Russia's actions in Syria, and the lesson Putin took away was that no one would stop him.▀PCT1/16AM☼But all that has changed. Antioch is now 36% white, 35% Latino, and 20% Black, according to the 2020 census. The shift happened both gradually and quickly. At first, Black people and other people of color moved here for the reasons everyone else did: bigger houses, better schools, a shot at the suburban American dream.➯

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