☃Law enforcement should always be the last resort, argued Kaufman, the trauma surgeon. While the threat of violence is concerning, hospitals can spend more on health care staffing, boost overall training and teach de-escalation skills.➙C0603X181J1HAC7867↳Kaylin Gillis, 20, was killed after she and her friends drove into the wrong driveway in upstate New York and the homeowner opened fire. A Kansas City man shot and injured 16-year-old Ralph Yarl when Yarl went to the incorrect home to pick up his siblings.↔06035C473K4Z4A☼The vibrations, he says, were passing through Pando's branches and trunks into the ground.➤1808J6300270JCT◙"That is everything you need to know about the terror state and its army," he wrote.✐

↢I feel like I'm in a chronic state of despair over the various bad situations all over the planet, with my personal struggles on top of them. But several years ago, I walked into a hardware store that I hadn't been to in a long time. One of the cashiers (whom I didn't know from Eve) let out a loud "Welcome back!" and added, "I love how every time you come in our store, you're smiling ... it makes my day." I guess I was smiling without even realizing it and had no idea how simple smiles can affect other people for the better. -Richard Crank, Topeka, Kan.↯ARF468AG۰Israel says the raids are essential to dismantle militant networks and prevent future attacks. But attacks appear to be intensifying rather than slowing down.►


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C0402C471K4RACTU↺Sarah Wangerin, a nursing instructor with Montana State University and former examiner, said patients reeling from an attack may instead just go home. For some, leaving town isn't an option.✈C318C202KAG5TA☞"I had no food, just a bottle of ketchup that was on the boat, garlic powder and Maggi [soup]," he said. "So, I mixed it up with some water so I had this to survive for 24 days in the sea."➛

↜National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said Washington is closely following Beijing's reaction. "We'll watch this as closely as we can, of course we will, and we'll always make sure that regardless we maintain and have the requisite capabilities and resources to preserve peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific."▫

➯But upon further reading, its seeming surrender actually affirms the Hippocratic Oath when you consider that Chin-Quee, a Black man who struggles with racial barriers throughout, can't save others without first saving himself — and that, as the tale tells, the author has to let go of his personal demons to prosper in his medical calling.◄

▲Divorced, the woman has lost custody of her 9-year-old son, a traumatic event that may have triggered a recurrence of her childhood speech anxiety. Though her son wants to live with her again, the woman's long-term muteness hinders her case for custody. Meanwhile, burdened by regret, the man narrates first-person chapters to his long-lost love, who he met as a teenager in Germany and who happens to be deaf. Their relationship had just begun when the man, then not much older than a boy, overstepped, proposing a lifelong commitment as a two disabled people, when she wasn't ready to accept her disability.█

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