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❒NPR CEO John Lansing has previously said he lost faith with "decision-making at Twitter," and that more time is needed in order to determine if Twitter can be trusted again.➸SDR1030-681K↑"There are open issues that need to be resolved, especially for AAUP-BHSNJ, and we won't leave our colleagues at RBHS behind. They have been with us all the way. However, the framework shows the vital progress we have made on the core issues we prioritized during this contract campaign," the unions said in the announcement.⇄CAS18C181MAGGC⇣Abbott was criticized just over a week ago for referring to the five victims of a recent mass shooting in Texas as "illegal immigrants," though a spokesperson later walked the comments back, saying "[w]e regret if the information was incorrect and detracted from the important goal of finding and arresting the criminal."♪VJ0805A682KXQTW1BC▂Erdogan's government also faced criticism for its allegedly delayed and stunted response to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that left 11 southern provinces devastated. Lax implementation of building codes is thought to have exacerbated the casualties and misery.➞

◑She specifically asked the judge to cap the law firm's rates at $500/hourly for partners and $350/hourly for associates — a request the appeals commissioner denied on account of "inflation and increase in the attorneys' experience."✚CDR31BP750BFUMAJ☆Fiction, of course, is an attempt to move a set of sturdy words from the mind of a writer to that of a reader. So even though Betty has doubts, her author, Sarah Cypher, has nevertheless made a grand, imaginative, poetic, loving, and — at least for this reader — successful attempt.↔


↹Ali A.K.A. Mind, a Colombian rapper on the same panel, added through translation, "We're trying to use hip-hop as a vehicle for transformation — not just of the individual but also communities themselves."★0603J2501P80BUT➽Williams, now a neurologist at Columbia University, says that music has a role to play in medicine generally.○S1812-334G■While the Serbian government sought to crack down on guns and police raced to investigate the fresh violence, the nation started to ask what social factors may have contributed to the mass shootings. Serbia has one of the highest number of firearms per capita in the world, and guns are frequently fired into the air to mark the birth of a child or other special occasions.▯T410-600T▊"The Committee will take a skeptical approach and test the assumptions of the IC, as our oversight requires," they said.♣

♪"My heart is with this eight-year old little boy. I don't care if he was here legally. I don't care if he was here illegally. He was in my county," Capers said. "Five people died in my county, and that is where my heart is — in my county protecting my people to the best of our ability."↕1782-13J☝He says when the treaty was negotiated, rivers were seen as something to be utilized and river water that flowed into the ocean was seen as wasted. "That is against science," says Abbas, who notes that all the silt that was once carried through the river, enriching farm soils and allowing mangrove forests to grow on the coastlines, is now "creating problems."➷


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VJ0603A330JLAAJ32☊Opvee was developed by Opiant Pharmaceuticals, which was recently acquired by rival Indivior, maker of several medications for opioid addiction. Indivior expects to launch Opvee in October at the earliest.✲1812Y0160332JCT▎When Till disappeared in Mississippi, Ollie Gordon — one of Till's cousins — was 7 years old and living in the Chicago home with Till's mother and family. Gordon told The Associated Press on Thursday that in the days following when he went missing, the home was full of fear, because people knew there was a strong likelihood he had been killed.✿


▀Two of New Hampshire's major cities, Manchester and Nashua, saw a spike in opioid-related deaths at the end of 2022, WMUR reported in January, a 41% and 37% increase respectively. Like other states that have historically struggled with the health crisis attributed to drug makers and distributors, New Hampshire is slated to receive tens of millions of dollars in settlement payouts--an estimated $310 million--in the next 20 years.£S1008-122K♦She hires a wagon driver to transport her to her property near Big Sandy, a town in the north-central part of the state; they're joined on the journey by a family called the Mudges, a single woman with four blind sons. The driver warns Adelaide what she's in for: "This land is trying to kill every single one of us, let me tell you. And we keep each other alive. Your neighbors might not all welcome you, but I promise you they will help you if you need it."❂2220Y0630102FCT☂The training at Fort Sill was first reported by CNN.▪C1206C225J3RACTU▫Some of the targeted banks are urgently looking to shore up financing by, for example, looking for additional investments.✿

⇦The People's Daily in China, and Sputnik and RT in Russia, for instance, received the labels, but outlets with editorial autonomy that received some government funding did not.♢DDTC113ZE-7↩"Look, a nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies ... or partners is unacceptable and will result in the end of whatever regime to take such an action," Biden said during a press conference with Yoon.ⓞ


➘"The brain is really a network, and there are certain parts of the brain that are more involved with certain functions," said Hilsabeck. "You can have a failure in something like financial abilities for lots of reasons caused by different parts of the brain."⊟1206J5000152MXT⇎"If you hunt with them, if you're in church with them, if they're relatives – whoever those people are – we've got to get to those people," he said.◊2220J0500273GCR⇍Still, there is a simple, already proven safety device. "The seat belt, you know, it's old technology," Pettit says. "There's nothing exciting about it. But the data really points to it working."웃C0805X332J3RECAUTO↻Sarah Cypher's debut novel The Skin and Its Girl is one of these, specifically dealing in the truths, half-truths, lies, and folktales passed down through family. It begins with a fitting request: "Imagine this."❁

♦He went on to speak about grieving with hope — a sermon that he planned a year ago for his Palm Sunday service, but became eerily appropriate this week.HN1C01FE-GR,LF♣Ramiro Guzman, Sonia Guzman's brother, told The New York Times that he hid in a closet with his wife and 6-month-old son as the shooting unfolded. He said he had fled Honduras five years earlier to escape gang violence.◘

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