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♥They don't just gather seaweed by the coast. As their foremothers did, the women collect seaweed further out at sea, off the coast of 21 uninhabited islets scattered like gems between Pamban and Sri Lanka. These islands now make up the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park. The seaweed haul here is richer, especially around the coral reefs. They make double the income of those who gather seaweed by the coast. Since they must pool their money to hire boats for this expedition, they go out to sea only six times a year and leave the seaweed that grows around Pamban island for older women to harvest.➯

↬Luis was responsible for all of CIA's operations in country.↪

❈Comstock, a former Union soldier from a deeply religious family, became "horrified by the amount of porn and alcohol he saw his fellow soldiers consuming" while serving in the Army, according to Lauren MacIvor Thompson, a historian at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.⚘


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SMBJ4754AE3/TR13♀She explained the book’s history, telling him it had probably been part of the library’s original collection, as well as a part of the inventory at another former location — the Carnegie Building, which was built in 1908.▤0805J1000120FAT◘One of the key figures in the network was a former powerful boss, Rocco Morabito, who was arrested in 2021 in Brazil after nearly 20 years as a fugitive. The investigation also confirmed the enduring strength of a handful of well-known 'ndrangheta clans that operate in the Calabrian town of San Luca.♣

❑The recent arrest of an Air National Guardsman in Massachusetts is just the beginning of another protracted struggle over leaked top secret documents, renewing a recurring theme that predates the age of the internet.❤

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  1. A monologue on shortfalls of general-ship and the war of 1914-18


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