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VJ1210Y152JXPAT5Z⇤And isn't that a glorious thing? The possibility to shift and to pivot and to participate and to move ... which becomes ignited when times get hard.✪AFT18H356-24SR6↻Comstock persuaded Congress to pass restrictions on sending those materials through the mail. Many states also passed their own versions of Comstock laws around this time.➢

▲“Child on the phone, multiple victims,” the officer responds.⇅

◁The men quickly surrendered to the police after the shooting, with at least one of them chanting "Jai Shri Ram," or "Hail Lord Ram," a slogan that has become a battle cry for Hindu nationalists in their campaign against Muslims.㊣

♗EDF last month reported the latest "serious corrosion problem" on an emergency cooling system at its Penly 1 plant in northern France, which was among the 16 taken offline in the last year. The plant started operating in 1990.▣


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1812Y2000222JAR➫Former SNL writer and performer John Mulaney presented Michaels with the PEN Literary Service Award, which has previously been given to Stephen King, Stephen Sondheim and Rushdie, who won in 2014 for his "unparalleled artistry and courage as a novelist and essayist." Michaels has helped launched countless television and film stars, but on Thursday he dedicated his speech to writers and the writing room of SNL.♤CDR33BP302AJSR▨He hasn't seen Pachipala's app but theorizes that innovations like his raise self-awareness about underlying mental health issues that might otherwise go unrecognized.↠


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