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▍Dressed in black outfits and white costume masks, the thieves smashed through the Quark watch store's showcases on a heavily traveled street, undeterred by blaring security alarms and rubbernecking passersby. Several witnesses recorded the whole heist on their phones, right up until the thieves ran to their rented getaway van and then sped through a red light, door still open, to escape.▶

➥ROME — At least two migrants have died and about 20 others are missing after their boat sank over the weekend in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy, German aid group ResQship said on Monday. Meanwhile, Italian authorities said operations were under way to rescue about 1,200 people on two migrant ships intercepted off the country's shores.➷


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RFB18N10CS▧Gov. Greg Gianforte signaled his willingness to sign the bill on April 17 when he offered some amendments to make it clear that public funds could not be used to pay for hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones or surgical procedures.↟CDR31BP271BFZRAB◈Sofiia approaches and hands her mom a pile of greens. "It's salad," she says with a smile. Natalia pretends to take a bite. "Thank you. Yum yum!"▯

☆Griner was arrested last year at the airport in Moscow on drug-related charges and detained for nearly 10 months, much of that time in prison. Her plight unfolded at the same time Russia invaded Ukraine and further heightened tensions between Russia and the U.S., ending only after she was freed in exchange for the notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.♥


↑"I don't see the glory of fame," Amis told host Linda Wertheimer. "And I can't imagine why people covet it."۰CWR09JK226KR○The Queen famously described her bumpy journey in the Gold State Coach as "horrible."♐C1812C153M4JAC7800♧Commenting on the Saudi-Houthi talks, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak said there were "positive signals" that a cease-fire deal would be announced, along with addressing other humanitarian and economic issues.◄ER1641-512JM♤Sandy Smith has long held that her son's death was no accident but the result of a brutal beating. Bland has said being young and gay in the South Carolina Lowcountry could not have been easy for Stephen Smith.⇩

♦Concerns over the accuracy of Credit Suisse's financial reporting and its relationship with investors came under scrutiny after the 2021 meltdowns of Greensill Capital and Archegos Capital Management. Credit Suisse racked up $8 billion in net losses in 2022, its largest ever annual losses.♪12065A331JAT2A✌Malaysia's government started the administrative process of getting Fahim back home last week, and there were reports that he could even make the return journey to Bangladesh aboard the same vessel — not inside a shipping container, of course.⇙

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