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Post Date:2023-05-26 16:41:10

○In eastern Punjab province, the local government asked the army to step in after authorities said 157 police were injured in clashes with protesters.♝

♨"I am disappointed to have to WD this morning due to reaggravating my plantar fasciitis," Woods said in a tweet.☣

▪In a statement Friday, Buttigieg said, "Billy is a tremendous leader, a true expert, and a dedicated public servant. He has kept safety as the FAA's north star through one of the most complex periods in modern aviation."➫

◘Washington has adopted a number of measures in recent years that have taken aim at Chinese companies and industries, including sweeping export restrictions last fall on cutting-edge microchips and the gear to make them. Beijing says the moves are unfair and unjustified.✒


♀Photos showed firefighters spraying water toward burning homes and buildings and large, orange flames engulfing a pine forest near a seaside resort hotel. The Korea Forest Services said that the fire was likely sparked by a tree that fell over a powerline after being snapped by strong winds.◆BZT52C3V9S-7-F-79▇But more than 90 percent of Republicans say they oppose it, while Democrats are split nearly 50/50 on whether descendants should receive compensation.▩1825J1000680FCR✄Medeiros thinks that continued improvements in computer software and telescope hardware will result in the picture of the M87 black hole being refined more and more.↘0603Y0630100FFT➪Ukraine has argued it needs more weapons as it anticipates Russia's forces launching a new offensive in the spring.☄

▢"But I couldn't be more proud to be here," she testified.♦C0603X430J5HACAUTO↔Gov. Greg Gianforte signaled his willingness to sign the bill on April 17 when he offered some amendments to make it clear that public funds could not be used to pay for hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones or surgical procedures.↚


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