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1825J2500102KCT▕"I feel pretty strongly that it's Haley who made this change, because it happens early in the process," after an audio tape recording of the interview was transcribed but before Haley submitted a draft to Playboy.▇VJ0603Y682KXXAP☼Francis chose as the procession's theme "voices of peace in a time of war." Read aloud were accounts of suffering, of migrants and refugees from war, civil warfare or hunger, in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and elsewhere.⇉


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C1210C271M4HACAUTO큐Voting rights groups sued DeSantis over changes in a 2021 law that limited ballot drop boxes and also restricted who could return a voter’s mail-in ballot, as well as how many ballots one person could turn in to an elections office. A federal judge in Florida struck down most of that law last year, saying it ran “roughshod over the right to vote” and unfairly targeted minorities.♀C318C512J3G5TA◀"That conversation is not concluded and so I do not have any comment yet," she told NPR in an email.❖


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VJ1206A8R2DXAPW1BC♥Mata-Rubio said she has too many what-ifs of her own to worry about whether the cops feel regret, shame or sorrow about their actions that day.➴TK16A55D(STA4,Q,M)➼"One year later, Kyiv stands. Ukraine stands. Democracy stands. America stands with you and the world stands with you. Kyiv has captured a part of my heart," Mr. Biden said.◧

☭The events of the day unfolded at around noon local time when police received calls about a shooting in the medical center's waiting room.☂


❑Castillo relapsed and school staffers helped her get into rehab. Three months later she was back at the school, in recovery and ready to do the work.▬IMC1210BNR18K○The next day, speaking to the Gazette while holding her grandfather's hand, the kindergartner said she was feeling a bit better. They didn't even know the man, she added.HQCEMM101GAH6A♩The chair of the Senate Judiciary committee has invited Chief Justice John Roberts to testify at a hearing next month focused on the ethical rules governing the Supreme Court as well as potential changes to those guidelines.❤HMK107B7472KAHT❃Propelled by her newfound passion for bringing her ancestors and their stolen possessions home, Perry digs into her internship with gusto. But when her sense of duty to her ancestors sings louder than her respect for rules and process, she begins to engage in activities that may get her into deeper trouble than she could have imagined. For Sugar Island has its monsters — Perry's Auntie Daunis knows this all too well — and at least one of them is intent on stealing the lives of living Anishinaabe women as well as their dead. Perry will need the combined power of her family, her community, and her ancestors to bring justice to bear.✑

↱So Shiv is working with Matsson, but it's not clear how dedicated she is to him, and it's not clear whether her loyalty to him would extend to anything except trying to get the deal to happen — which, after all, was the plan until Kendall and Roman went behind her back first.♡1210J1000151GCR♣This story was edited by Steve Drummond, Nishant Dahiya and Desiree F. Hicks. The audio was produced by Lauren Migaki. Photo editing by Emily Bogle. Copy editing by Pam Webster. Design and development by Connie Hanzhang Jin.♦


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