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●The October meeting has been preceded by an unprecedented two-year canvassing of the lay Catholic faithful about their vision for the church and how it can better respond to the needs of Catholics today.♦0805J0631P90HQT▧The climax of the book is explosive, which is no surprise — as he has proved in novels like The Devil in Silver and The Changeling, LaValle is a master at building suspense and creating a tense atmosphere that makes it difficult to stop reading. This novel ends with a welcome left turn, one that's unpredictable, but fully earned, a fitting conclusion to a book that's filled with twists.♐MHQ0603P2N1ST000◑Tangaraju Suppiah, 46, was sentenced to death in 2018 for abetting the trafficking of 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cannabis. Under Singapore laws, trafficking more than 500 grams of cannabis may result in the death penalty.①IXFH150N25X3☆McCarthy explained his largesse by telling troopers that he wanted to "gift" the money — roughly $200,000, he estimated. Authorities said there was no way to confirm how much dough McCarthy tossed.웃

➴"One of the things that [researchers] have found that really reduces your risk of tick-borne illness is to bathe or shower as soon as possible after going indoors," Prusinski said. Ideally, she added, that would be within two hours.☇CDR01BX102BKUS\1⇂"A key part of why people will seek out HSS is because of the clinical expertise to do the things they did with Orlov, which is take a shot at trying to save his legs," Robbins said. "We're known in the trauma world for really having the expertise and experience to say, 'Wait a minute, maybe we can save this gentleman's legs, which is what they're trying to do.'"↓


➪These are just some of the stories civilians living under siege the past five days in Sudan's capital Khartoum have told NPR, when reached by phone.☪VJ0603D240MXBAC¤HELSINKI — A walrus that became a global celebrity last year after it was seen frolicking and basking in a Oslo fjord before it was euthanized by the authorities has been honored with a bronze sculpture in Norway.▧C1210C271M4HACAUTO█President Biden promised this week that any North Korean nuclear attack against the U.S. or its allies "will result in the end of whatever regime" launched it. Biden's remarks were apparently intended to deter North Korea, but some in Seoul did not find the promise of U.S. nuclear retaliation very comforting.↘0603J0100272GCT♡Credit Suisse's "internal control over financial reporting was not effective as it did not design and maintain an effective risk assessment process to identify and analyze the risk of material misstatements in its financial statements," the bank said in its annual report, released Tuesday.▃

"[Young children's] brains are craving sound-to-meaning connections, so it's very important that the sounds around them be nourishing and meaningful," says Nina Kraus, a neurobiologist at Northwestern University.☋2220J6300152KXR▧Authorities have deployed thousands of paramilitary soldiers in the state and arrested nearly 100 of his supporters. Singh's wife was prevented from leaving India last week.☆

↸The former producer, Abby Grossberg, voluntarily dropped a related case against Fox and Carlson in Delaware on Tuesday; her attorneys released a statement saying she would fold those accusations into her case in New York.☆


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C901U100JZSDAAWL20♕Jessica DeFino, a beauty industry critic and author of “The Unpublishable” newsletter, said the drama with Bioré underscored problems in an industry that has often marketed products as tools of mental wellness.⇩TBJC106K035LRSB0024➘When asked about possible political blowback from adding work requirements to a bill that wasn't expected to move in the Senate, Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wisc., told reporters a recent state referendum on the issue proves the policy has broad support, He said "80% of the people that voted in the state of Wisconsin - a 50-50 state - said yeah, we should be able to have work requirements for able-bodied childless adults. I don't think it's a political loser at all."✆


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2220Y0100565JXT☢The suspect has been identified as Xuan Kha Tran Pham, 49, of Fairfax, Va.◄CL10B105KO8VPNC✎Attorney General Merrick Garland announced fentanyl trafficking, weapons, and money laundering charges filed in the Southern District of New York, the Northern District of Illinois and Washington, D.C.▪


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