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C1206C472K5REC7800↕"And I mean we know how to test someone for diabetes," adds Bausch. Yet "if you look at how many people who have diabetes, know that they have diabetes – it's less than 50% in many low- and middle-income countries."◇CDRR75NP-680MC⇄Frustrated fans suggested Netflix lower its prices, let people continue to share passwords or even go back to selling DVDs for their troubles.➹


☌"I think the possibilities are endless," DeSantis said.•1808J2K50560JCR⊿Though Greek Lessons might be different from Kang's bolder and horror-tinged works, the novel's hopeful and humane belief in the redemptive power of love might just be what our society needs.▅AZ23C20 RFG➨"It was written," French sports daily L'Equipe wrote after the right to select Wembanyama was won by the Spurs. That team previously excelled with French players such as Tony Parker and Boris Diaw.£LB3218T4R7M◎The law requiring a three-day delay between buying and receiving a firearm — an attempt to curtail impulsive violence and suicide attempts — puts Colorado in line with nine other states, including California, Florida and Hawaii.▩

◐"We're asking everyone for your help so we can bring this suspect — or this monster, I will call him — to justice," said FBI Houston special agent in charge James Smith.➶C335C683G5G5TA【"People are coming off the sidelines and back into the labor market," said Nela Richardson, chief economist for the payroll processing company ADP. "That's good for the economy. It's also good for the inflation environment."¤


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GMC21CG272G25NT♀Her death marks the last chance for anyone to be held accountable for a kidnapping and brutal murder that shocked the world.♟CDR31BP101BKWSAR◤Wurth says Human Rights Watch was concerned that growers may be telling the companies they sell tobacco to that "'we don't have any kids in our fields,' but they might not even actually know."⊙


↠"We had to visit several pharmacies to find the medication that we needed," says Rivers, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. "It just adds another burden on what's already been a really difficult winter respiratory season for families."▌CDR33BP272AKWSAJ♠This month's trial concerns the allegations made in 2019 by the advice columnist and author E. Jean Carroll, who says Trump sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s.▊1N4127 (DO35)☼Adams took heat for his lack of rebuke in comments made following Neely's death. Asked whether it's appropriate for people to take matters into their own hands in a situation, Adams told CNN on Wednesday, "We cannot just blanketly say what a passenger should or should not do in a situation like that. We should allow the investigation to take its course."◤1812Y0250223JFR➺The eclectic, extravagant event honored war-torn Ukraine's spirit of resiliency as it stuck to the 2023 contest's theme, "united by music," held at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England. Traditionally, the host country is the winner of the previous year's event. But since last year's winner, Ukraine, is in the middle of a war, 2022 runner-up Britain is hosting this year's event on its behalf.▋

➤Prosecutors cited three occasions in which they say Trump "orchestrated" such a scheme with executives at American Media Inc., the company that publishes the National Enquirer. All three took place after Trump announced his candidacy for president in June of 2015.◘2510R-64J▣Were it to simply have apologized — as the smaller right-wing network Newsmax did after its personalities made similar claims about Dominion — Fox would have acknowledged its biggest stars had been wrong to present Trump's claims of election fraud — and that they, the viewers, had been wrong to believe them.✏

✦"They were very sincere; they weren't trying to be mean," Statton, 25, says. "They said, 'The best we can tell you to do is sit in the parking lot, and if anything else happens, we will be ready to help you. But we cannot touch you unless you are crashing in front of us or your blood pressure goes so high that you are fixing to have a heart attack.'"↗


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