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⇋"So basically, on a dare, by absolute chance, I went out there and I figured this wasn't visible enough," he says, demonstrating the head nod versus the hand wave. "So I wanted to do this, and the term 'you can't see me' is like, 'Well, you're not even on my level.'"§C1608CH2E681J080AA☢Ahead of a "major announcement" in his hometown of North Charleston, S.C., on Monday, Republican Sen. Tim Scott has quietly made his run for president official. In a filing with the Federal Election Commission Friday, Scott filed a Statement of Candidacy as a member of the Republican Party. The office sought? President.↹P1812-274K◄13. ""Take Me Home, Country Roads"" — John Denver (1971)↘UR4KB80 C2G⇞Excerpts shown to media from Wilt's body camera show the pair arriving at Old National Bank in the police car. When they park near the front door, the shooter opens fire on them, and Galloway yells to Wilt to reverse, which he does.↕

⇦So, what now?▃C325C221J3G5TA▶During an episode of CNN This Morning in February, Lemon said the 51-year-old Haley wasn't "in her prime" and suggested a woman is "considered to be in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s."➙


◇Team,☽PDTD113ZS,126⇁In February, Adidas estimated that the decision to not sell the existing Yeezy merchandise would cut the company's full-year revenue by about $1.28 billion and its operating profit by $533 million. In the first quarter alone, the discontinuation of the Yeezy business cost Adidas nearly $440 million in sales.✦GA1206Y564MBXBT31G▣The study looked at nearly 2,000 of the planet's largest lakes and reservoirs using three decades of satellite observations and climate models to measure how bodies of water have shrunk or grown over time, and to parse out what influenced the change. For example, did a lake shrink because of increased evaporation with hotter temperatures, or because it was diverted for agriculture?∎GA1210A271KXEAR31G✥"I'm here to reaffirm the US-Iraq strategic partnership as we move toward a more secure, stable and sovereign Iraq," Austin tweeted as he landed in Baghdad.⇍

のWarmer average temperatures have meant less snow and more ice in the region over the last decade or so, one Sami herder told Phillips, and reindeer cannot forage for their preferred food, lichen, through ice.✦BAS 16-07L4 E6327♀But Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-Va.) said the resolution would “trigger a wave of delinquencies and defaults for our most vulnerable borrowers. Intentionally or not, this resolution would create chaos for borrowers and their families as well as the loan servicers.”➸


▧Thomas began driving the gray Honda Civic away when they heard three gunshots.△0805Y0500123KXR☄ODNI also released a significantly redacted fact sheet describing some of the investigative efforts, which included Dark Web searches, reviewing CCTV footage and building floorplans, and creating digital and physical 3D models of incident locations.▀GRM0335C2A130JA01J▧Griffiths: The God language.★TBJE476K035LBSB0024♖For decades, Dr. Daniel Bausch fought the world's most dangerous emerging tropical viruses directly from the trenches: He has trapped bats in Democratic Republic of Congo in search of the animal reservoir of Marburg virus. He has jumped into outbreaks of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, Lassa fever and Ebola, spending months at a time treating patients in lower income countries ranging from El Salvador to Guinea. When NPR first spotlighted Bausch's efforts back in 2014, he had come off a stretch in Sierra Leone as one of only two doctors caring for 60 patients in an Ebola ward.↾

⋄He'd also seen the pathway to the pros play out before his eyes. His older brother, Chris Hinton Jr., played three years at Michigan before getting the call up to the NFL.░108R-393H♡Answering a question in Beijing on Friday during a regular briefing, a spokesperson for China's foreign ministry said the country "regrets that the airship strayed into the United States," which they attributed to a "westerly wind" and the device's limited "control ability."✄

♖"There's a huge mismatch between small congregations and large properties," he says. "Their real estate becomes too big and too expensive for them."↙


♧The EPA said it began collecting debris at schools, day cares and city parks on Saturday and that it was also working with state and local officials on a plan to collect debris from nearby homes.➥4232R-333K⇏Martin: How did it go?⇆CK06BX822K▪Natalie Wilton, a therapist who specializes in senior sexuality, says it's no surprise that people feel pessimistic about sex as they age.↞CDR32BP130BJZSAC☜The American Association of People with Disabilities applauded the move, with President and CEO Maria Town telling NPR in an email that it "brings us closer to embracing that disabled people are everywhere."▓

➮The WWE storyline goes that Dominik turned against his father, the WWE Hall-of-Famer Rey, after being influenced by Judgement Day, a villainous stable of wrestlers.➹TAP476K016SCS▫In the footage, the roar of rainfall is punctuated by cheers and shouts of encouragement as a drenched Bou Samnang finally nears and then crosses the finish line, almost six minutes behind the winner, Vietnam's Thi Oanh Nguyen.▒


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