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▨"The female attacked me once — the first pair that arrived — because she had recently given birth," he said.❀1808J1K20471MXT↸Davis made clear his opinion that the cable network could be held liable for the billion-dollar claim even though its hosts were often not those who uttered the defamatory statements.↜FQPF7N40↬The annual list usually includes a mix of popular songs, radio broadcasts, significant speeches and more, all intended to define the sound of the country's history and culture. But, for the first time, it will include the music of a female rapper and the soundtrack of a video game.ºGBJL2004-BP❧Putin also acknowledged the role of the U.S. and other Western allies in helping defeat Adolf Hitler's armies — even as he accused the "Western elites" of forgetting Russia's sacrifice and now seeking the country's destruction with their unstinting support of Ukraine.♣

↫In Georgia, the new law boosts criminal penalties for aggravated assaults against all health care workers on a hospital campus, not just those in emergency rooms, which were already regulated. And hospitals can now establish law enforcement offices like those on university campuses. The officers must be certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and maintain law enforcement records that can be made public.♥VJ1206A151KBEAT4X⇏That's a challenge for laws that try to regulate pregnancy, Shachar says. "The take-away is that a lot of legislation in this area doesn't reflect scientific knowledge, especially because laws don't work well with scientific uncertainty."↘


☼The investigation, which closed in May 2015, had pointed to the "involvement" of Turkish agents but without referring to any backers.▧1206Y5000393KXT↛There will be no efforts to remove artifacts or human remains out of respect for the families of those who died, said a statement Saturday from the Sydney-based Silentworld Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to maritime archaeology and history. It took part in the mission together with Dutch deep-sea survey specialists Fugro and Australia's Defense Department.░PM300CL1A060↧“If the nonpartisan CBO expected the resolution to work the way the Left is saying there would be a larger cost saving,” Foxx said. “CBO’s cost estimate did not include additional savings that would have accrued if this resolution required borrowers to make retroactive payments for the years of the repayment pause.”♪1PMT5931E3/TR7◥So is it ok to just blithely dismiss a case of COVID?♦

✏The average Italian consumed roughly 51 pounds of pasta last year, says David Ortega, a food economist and associate professor at Michigan State University.▐2220Y1K00182GCTºAnother change is happening in the way companies localize global business.☋


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1210J6300270GCT↖Vindman says Graham "said the quiet part out loud" that day.❤0805J0639P10CQT✿Much of the increase in airline-caused cancellations has occurred at budget airlines, but the largest carriers have also made more unforced errors, according to government data.

☻"And it was like, 'Are we going to be able to step up and do everything we know we can do for children? Can we do it for adults?'" she says.◙


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0805Y0250101KFTΘThe book, published over four decades ago, provided a message that readers throughout the generations needed to hear: that God's love is unlimited and that God's ultimate plan is that people will live fully, bravely and meaningfully in a less-than perfect world.▏1808Y0500333JDR➤Italy's Industry Minister Adolfo Urso chaired a meeting with lawmakers, pasta producers and consumer rights groups in Rome on Thursday.¤


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