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▽Owners will be notified by letter starting June 25, but no fix is available yet. They'll get another letter when one is ready.❖

⇦"The whole thing — how this happened — makes me a little bit angry," said shareholder Markus Huber, 56, as he lined up to attend his first Credit Suisse annual gathering.

↔At least 10 media workers have been killed while covering the war in Ukraine, according to Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists.⇖


☂This was a dial back from the previous approval of up to 10 weeks and access to the prescribed medication through the mail.☼GA1210A151JXCAR31G☪Residents across parts of the northwestern United States are under air quality alerts this weekend after smoke from a spate of Canadian wildfires drifted south across the border.∴K330K10C0GH53H5✌"El Niño and La Niña events occur every two to seven years, on average, but they don't occur on a regular schedule," the NOAA says. In addition to the two patterns, ocean temperatures are sometimes considered "neutral," meaning they're not abnormally warm or cold.➽LD065A470JAB2A↕"Reparations are not only morally justifiable, but they have the potential to address longstanding racial disparities and inequalities," Lee said.卍

☂Durbin's request for John Roberts to testify is not the first time the chief justice has had to tackle the question of how ethics standards apply to his court. For years, he has defended the high court's exemption of itself from the ethics rules governing the rest of the federal judiciary (and others in the federal power structure).★GRM0335C2A8R8DA01J◄According to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of centenarians, people aged 100 or older, in Japan reached 90,526 as of Sept., 2022. This represented 72.13 centenarians per 100,000 population. It was also an increase of nearly 4,000 from September the previous year.☣


▄For more info:◦0603J2500392KXR♪The United States has no official relations with Taiwan, a center for high-tech industry and one of the biggest global traders, but maintains extensive informal and commercial ties. Washington is required by federal law to ensure the island of 22 million people has the means to defend itself if China attacks.♦0603Y1000180GFR♠Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been chosen for multiple fellowships at Harvard University, the school announced Tuesday.➮SI4621DY-T1-E3➵In April, Bud Light beer faced similar backlash and a drop in sales following calls for a boycott from Republicans over its partnership with transgender actress and comedian Dylan Mulvaney, leading the company’s CEO to issue a note.▣

♔But the class-action lawsuit Moskowitz is involved in is focused on the 11 celebrity figures who promoted FTX, appearing in flashy commercials and ads — some of which aired during the Super Bowl. Those marketing campaigns and endorsement, the suit alleges, lured “unsophisticated investors” and cost them their fortunes. And promoting those risky unregistered securities without any prior research is in violation of Florida laws protecting investors from fraud and deception, the lawsuit claims.ⓔ108-223K➬Maciaszczyk said that he and the other conservation workers never lose sight of the human tragedy behind the shoes, even as they focus on the technical aspects of their conservation work. Sometimes they are overcome by emotion and need breaks. Volunteers working with adult shoes in the past have asked for new assignments.◘


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