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♀DACA recipients are already eligible to apply for some health services in the U.S., including emergency Medicaid, which pays for emergency medical treatment for people who meet their state's Medicaid eligibility requirements but not citizenship and immigration status requirements.◐


✑Scott was charged with 12 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property. A lawyer representing her did not immediately return a phone call from NPR requesting comment.♈NTD32N06-1G▒After European bank shares plunged Wednesday, analysts said the meeting outcome was hard to predict, with some saying the central bank might dial back to a quarter-point increase. Higher rates fight inflation, but in recent days have fueled concern that they may have caused hidden losses on bank balance sheets.○RLF7045T-101MR75-D↧"I wanted to pick her pocket," Reese added. "But I had a moment at the end of the game ... I was just in my bag, in my moment."⇕CWR19DB156KBDZ↞"It's going to be working closely with legal advisers in a really rapidly changing environment. That's what I foresee in the next seven days, and likely beyond that," said Melissa Grant, the chief operating officer at Carafem, an abortion provider that provides mifepristone at its three physical clinics and via telehealth.➪

▤The conflict, which capped months of tensions between Sudan's rival generals, pits the Sudanese military, led by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, who is the head of the ruling sovereign council, against the powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. The RSF is commanded by Burhan's deputy on the council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. Abdalla said neither has heeded appeals to allow access to the zoo.▧GA1206H472KXXBT31G↸Lee took home the gold during the individual competition of women's gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, cementing her role as one of the stars of the U.S. women's team.❧


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CDRH3D14/LDNP-100NC↵Current AI mental health applications♦CWR09FC156KPB♣"We have had these campaigns for such a long time," Bhutta says. "Remember, the global eradication program started in 1988 and people kept asking, why are you coming every few months with these vaccine doses that we have already had and then kids are getting the paralytic polio despite the vaccine."の


▄In their decision to pull the drug immediately, Califf and chief scientist Namandjé Bumpus quoted one of the agency's advisors, Dr. Anjali Kaimal, an obstetrics and gynecology professor at the University of South Florida.】MMBZ5228ELT1G☺The Australian Council on Smoking and Health and the Public Health Association of Australia applauded the new anti-vaping measures.☭C0805C680J8HACAUTO➚The policies were in place as a way of ensuring government propaganda did not run amuck on the platform. Now that Musk owns Twitter, it is unclear if the same platform and advertising restrictions on state-affiliated media are still in place.✈C327C123K3G5TA7301↡In an interview with NPR's Renee Montagne in 2010, Kushner admitted he felt conflicted that When Bad Things Happen to Good People continues to draw new readers.↺

★"I never give up," Castellano said. "I always try hard to do the right thing. It took me a little while to get there. I finally got it."⇘AIKW20N60CTXKSA1✈On Monday, the Pentagon confirmed that the gunman had been discharged from the Army for mental health reasons.◦


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0603J2500120FFT■He points out the kitchen, the balcony where he and his wife used to drink coffee in the mornings, and the walls where they had hung family pictures. Only outlines of the frames remain. He points to the remains of a lamp, in the remains of the living room.☁EDZ9HKTE6127B☾It's impossible for civilians to reach family members from whom they are separated, Salih says, so people are effectively prisoners in their own homes. One woman she knew had tried to move from one location to a safer place with her children — and was shot dead by the RSF.☆

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