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MCR08BT1,115▣The administrator of the worst-affected area, the Kalehe territory of South Kivu province, told The Associated Press by phone that more bodies were recovered Sunday, including many found floating in Lake Kivu.◆1330-64H♥Finding an antidote using 'brute force'①

♧Amnesty termed Mehraj's arrest "a travesty and yet another instance of the long-drawn repression of human rights." Kashmiri journalists have long been targeted by the Indian government.①


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CDR34BP562AJUS\M✂Noh also suggested his own actions might qualify as art, rather than a mere transgression, as he transformed Cattelan's work and put it back on display.▬GA1210Y124JXBAT31G❂We're a deeply spiritual people, whether we're Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. I think that is what continues to hold us and keep us together and keep the humanity part of us alive. — Michael Onyango▒

♣Still, the new labeling requirements have gotten some pushback from trade groups representing alcohol sellers in the European Union, who say it will make trade more difficult within the bloc.▤


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2225J2K50122MXR♤Griffiths: No. Initially, I actually didn't wanna touch a psychedelic, because I was worried it would alter the state I was in.⊠0805Y5000150KAT➡Penny's attorneys, Steven Raiser and Thomas Kenniff, said they believe their client would be "fully absolved of any wrongdoing," Gothamist reported.♂


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