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▎RATHER: Good evening. He said he wouldn't. There's no indication he did. No indication Saddam Hussein left Iraq tonight – the deadline for avoiding a U.S. invasion. An invasion that could come as soon as tonight.◙2225J6300680GCR♠The Congolese government declared Monday as a national day of mourning, with flags to fly at half-staff in memory of the victims.⇈S0603-101NJ2❑That election, and a similar midterm in 2014, could be read as renewals of the conservative populist impulse — and as the final setting of the stage for the age of Trump.큐CL21F105ZAFNNNF░Biden also struck serious notes, emphasising the importance of a free press. He said of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal journalist detained in Russia on espionage charges, that he was "working every day to secure his release."◦

✐Four of the slain children had multiple gunshot wounds, with the eldest child, Brian Nelson II, suffering at least six.❣AISC-0402F-48NJ-T◘Critics say this was never the intention of the NIL. Others say the NCAA's ambivalence to increasing student athlete stipends to reflect the wealth generated from their labor ushered college sports down this alley.⊙


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VJ0805D101KEBAT☌The short answer is: Probably not, unless it somehow gets leaked.▤C0603X470K4HAC7867♀Data shows that users spend hours looking at idealized bodies on Instagram or TikTok feeds, which has a huge effect on their psyche. An investigation by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Instagram's internal researchers found its site made body image issues worse for one-in-three teen girls.☪


✑Close enough, the Ukrainian commander said, to find Russian soldiers fighting from trenches the Ukrainians dug, and the other way around.♨MRFE6VP6600GNR3▄"He's talking like Bernie, the socialist," said Foglesong, referring to U.S. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. "What Republican candidate for major office talks like this?"◩P1330R-824J⇀The bill failed to get the crucial 33rd vote when Sen. Merv Riepe, a former hospital administrator from Ralston, abstained. Riepe was a cosigner of the bill but expressed concern this year that a six-week ban might not give women enough time to know they were pregnant.▧1206J2000820JQT☠Belén Gopegui has been one of Spain's major literary writers since her debut novel, La escala de los mapas, came out in 1993, but her fiction has rarely been translated into English. It's an oversight translator Mark Schafer is addressing with Stay This Day and Night with Me, released in Spain in 2017. The novel takes the form of a highly unusual job application sent to Google by a pair of shadowy people named Mateo and Olga. In a brief prologue, a Google HR employee describes the text as a letter that is, "at the same time, ...not a letter, it's a story. And if by story you understand a gymkhana of events, mysteries, and pursuits, then it isn't a story either."➸

▤The standoff could last months and shut down Hollywood production. (The last writers strike lasted from November 2007 into February 2008.) Some of the sticking points include questions over staffing levels for new TV programs and income from episodes aired on streaming services.☪1808J1000271GFT◤The most impressive sequences are, of course, the many medical scenes. It would be fair to say that Covenant is also a novel charting the history of disease, medicine, and surgery in India from 1900 onward. Besides the "condition," Verghese explores how science and people's attitudes evolved progressively toward leprosy, childbirth, drug addiction, and more. This, in itself, is groundbreaking for an Indian novel. There are also reflective musings about what genetic inheritance means beyond the body, the necessary place of art in our lives, how social hierarchies determine far-reaching life trajectories, and how we must understand the past to live in the present.º

♨The alleged boss of Asia's biggest crime syndicate and one of the world's most wanted men has been extradited to Australia and arrested on drug trafficking charges, police said Thursday.●

▉(In fact, a year after "The Message" was released, it spurred a PSA that encouraged people to cross the street safely with this refrain: "Don't step out when you're close to the edge / Stop, look, listen, think, and you won't lose your head.")◘


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