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■"Aurora kept saying, 'It's bombing outside. We need to go to the basement,' " her father, Alex, remembers.2220Y5000100KFR↮Many of Germany's nuclear power plants will still be undergoing costly dismantling by then. The question of what to do with highly radioactive material accumulated in the 62 years since the country's first reactor started operating remains unsolved. Efforts to find a final home for hundreds of containers of toxic waste have faced fierce resistance from local groups and officials, including Soeder, the Bavarian governor.✲4922R-33H❐Netflix's first live event was Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, his most recent stand-up special, which premiered last month.☆GCQ1555C1H150JB01D▪However, NPR has not seen any evidence linking Garcia to the Proud Boys.◘

◘Status: Signed into law; takes effect July 1↓2220J0630104KCT①The Yomiuri newspaper, citing police statistics, noted about 50 yami-baito-related robberies and thefts starting in mid-2021. Many of those arrested were in their teens and twenties. Another group of youths, who fomented a crime wave stretching across six of Japan's prefectures, said they had been hired via Instagram.⇦


♤Mariano Pargas Jr. — who was serving as interim chief of the Uvalde police the day of the attack — was also soon suspended and later resigned. He is captured on body-cam footage telling Guerrero that a child had called from inside the room with the gunman, but like the others, available video and audio records show, he failed to take charge or push officers to enter and kill the gunman.▪0603Y0500220FFR▦A provincewide state of emergency was declared Saturday in Alberta as more than 110 wildfires burned across the province, forcing more than 24,000 people to leave their homes.↾1825Y4K00561GCRღViewers located in a strip of the mainland U.S. stretching from Texas to Maine — as well as parts of Mexico and Canada — will be able to see what's known as the path of totality. That's when the moon completely obscures the sun.◆C0402H102J1GAFT1K0✥"Hell-o Mark! Love, Your Pal, Kurdt Kobain / Washed up rockstar," Cobain wrote in silver marker on the body of the guitar. Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl also signed their names.㊣

卐Lots of steps need to happen, she says, from the time an egg and sperm meet to the moment a person tests positive on a pregnancy test.⇞CKC21X104JWGACAUTO▧"The matter has been referred to appropriate law enforcement, and out of respect for their efforts we won't be commenting further," the spokesperson said.☺


★It's by crossing borders that Mutu has found her muses. In an email interview for this article, she wrote, "Making art and traveling are my greatest teachers. Everyone should travel, not just to see new things but to see new things in themselves." She encourages anyone who can to examine their home countries from a different perspective and from a distance.➙CP307-MPSA13-CT♥If her case were to be reconsidered, she's optimistic the outcome might be different. In an affidavit submitted five years after Miller's conviction, the jury foreman said that had he and other jurors known about several key pieces of information that failed to come up at trial, they "would not have found Jill Miller guilty of the charge of second degree murder."▧1210Y5000152KCRぃAbrams, a former Democratic leader in the Georgia House, will serve as the inaugural Ronald W. Walters Endowed Chair for Race and Black Politics. In her new role, Abrams will lead research across the university on political issues impacting Black Americans in addition to working with other faculty members on these issues, the university said in a news release.▇B82498F3390J1☆Learn more:↫

◆In Montreal, more than 316,000 customers had lost power, while 171,000 people were hit with outages in the Montérégie region, south of the city.〓1812Y0630152KFT⊡"It is essential not to remove or disturb any debris believed to be from the fire as these materials may contain asbestos, a substance that releases microscopic fibers when disturbed," the Environmental Protection Agency said in a fact sheet for local residents posted on Sunday.♦


☃Earlier this week, the Chinese ambassador to France caused outrage by questioning whether former Soviet republics are sovereign states under international law. Ukraine was once a Soviet republic, as were over a dozen other currently independent countries. China's Foreign Ministry walked back the remarks, saying it does respect the sovereignty of former Soviet republics.✙251R15S110JV4E♪As her mother watches from a nearby bench, she gives up on the playground equipment and heads for a row of bushes, where she begins to collect leaves and sticks, mumbling to herself as she searches.»FA28X8R2A472KNU06♣After retiring, in addition to his public speaking, he became a nature photographer. He also sold several books of photos he had taken while flying the SR-71.⇛GCQ1555C1H2R0DB01D➹The department has also added more training for officers "so they are aware of the different options that exist," said Deputy Chief Cori Lowe, the deputy chief of APD's Accountability Bureau, in a statement in March. "We want officers to learn from the experiences of their peers and be prepared to respond to encounters in the most effective and appropriate manner."⊙

♡Perry later joked with a family member that he was “in trouble,” but he said he would call the library anyway to learn more about what he thought was just an old, overdue book. He reached Kreiden on Tuesday morning.☠1808JA256P80CCRPY2▣It's a version of throwing things at the wall to see if they stick. And with his base, it's been all Velcro.❏


♨The harrowing episode called to mind other recent shootings of people who had mistakenly ended up at the wrong address.☟T496B225K020AT♡SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol on Monday called for officials to map out specific steps to hasten security and economic cooperation with Japan following his weekend summit in Seoul with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.▅5500-125K○On Sunday, Bioré apologized, calling the video’s tone “completely inappropriate” and saying that the ad “lacked sensitivity around an incredibly serious tragedy.”⇢SL211A152JAB☢About a year later, Callender wrote an article publicizing Jefferson's relationship with Sally Hemings, an enslaved woman on his estate, and the existence of their children.☊

✎On July 3, 1891, The Standard newspaper described a "unique performance, and the audience followed the various items in the programme, some of which were sung in the native tongue, and others in almost faultless English, with warm tokens of interest and approval."↣CBR05C159BAGAC▏It's a year of notable firsts for the National Recording Registry.▬

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