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VJ0402D1R7CLCAC➛Texas Department of Public Safety radio communications show dispatchers repeat the assessment that officers are responding to a barricaded shooter at least 10 times, spreading the word to state officers that Ramos was not an active shooter threat.▦CWR29FC226MCEB\TR↭We created a printable version of this guide. Download and print it here.☼


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VJ0603D470JXAAJ❤The King and Queen Consort will be accompanied by The Sovereign's Escort of the Household Cavalry during their processions, which will also include hundreds of members of the British armed forces and members of the armed forces from other Commonwealth countries and British Overseas Territories.웃2SA1208S►Learn more:⇓


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0603Y250P500BQT♗Electric bikes have become popular, non-gasoline-burning ways to make deliveries, commute and zip around a city that has promoted cycling in recent decades.♂RX1214B280YH▬"That conversation is not concluded and so I do not have any comment yet," she told NPR in an email.■


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UP01214G0L⇞An auction page on the site adds, "With 200 rhinos born a year, the project has the power to make a significant difference and bolster declining rhino populations on the African continent."◑TAJA336M010SNJ☇It was unclear if Mexico had the power to grant the request, "but the door must always be left open when it comes to human rights," he added.

⇅The wrestling entertainment giant WWE has apologized for its use of an image of the Auschwitz concentration camp to promote a match.☼

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