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C327C154J5G5TA❄It's not entirely clear what that process will look like for former President Donald Trump, who is slated to arrive at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon to hear the charges against him and enter a plea.◪PMD2001D,115┱Neighbors told WSOC-TV that several young kids were playing basketball when their ball rolled into Singletary's yard. He ran down the street, firing at a neighbor before approaching White, who was playing outside in her yard.ˍ


◧Michelle Price, a spokesperson for the school board, Lisa Surles-Law, chair of the school board, and other board members did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment on the lawsuit. The former superintendent did not immediately return a message seeking comment left on his cellphone.♠2220SC102KAZ1A⇑"It's an important change, it's not a revolution," said Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, a top organizer of the synod.♐1331R-564J❦The Rural Grocery Initiative found that between 2008 and 2018, 105 grocery stores closed in rural Kansas, and in half of those places, no new stores have opened.♚2220Y0630820JCR☪The polls were also seen as yet another faceoff between Modi and Gandhi, the scion of the dynastic Congress party leadership who was convicted of making defamatory remarks about the prime minister's last name during an election rally in 2019. It led to Gandhi's ouster from Parliament in March and he risks losing his eligibility to run in elections for the next eight years if a court does not overturn his conviction.▶

✑The proposal would also expose journalists who use anonymous sources — long considered essential in certain cases to protect an individual whose job or life might be at risk — to new legal liability.☻SP1008-472J➸The Israeli military said it pounded Gaza with more airstrikes on Friday, hitting 10 targets that it described as underground tunnels, along with weapons production and development sites belonging largely to the Hamas militant group. There were no immediate reports of casualties in Gaza, but the Palestinian Health Ministry said that one of the strikes caused some damage to a children's hospital in Gaza City.△


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2220J1000103JXT▨Experts say extreme weather events are happening with increased frequency and intensity due to climate change.✑1825J3K00560JCR❦Here's Jane Green again.♦

▋China has considered Taiwan a breakaway province since 1949, when communists took over the Chinese mainland and their opponents fled to Taiwan, establishing a democratic government in exile. The U.S. recognized the government in Taipei as the legitimate rulers of China until 1978, when Washington formally shifted recognition to Beijing and cut formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan.♚

♚The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed split-jury verdicts for people accused of serious crimes in the landmark 2020 ruling Ramos v. Louisiana, righting a historical wrong propelled more than a century ago by white supremacy and xenophobic fervor. But the decision only applied to open cases and convictions that were under appeal at the time of the ruling. The justices left it to Oregon and Louisiana to decide whether to apply the decision retroactively and give inmates like Miller a second chance.☆

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