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❤Navalny has faced unrelenting pressure from Russian authorities, and has been in and out of isolation in a tiny punishment cell. He is allowed to write letters or have his lawyers visit occasionally.◦C1206C333M5RACTU➸Gonzalez had just ended a tumultuous, four-month relationship with Thompson when the shooting occurred, her family said.۰M39003/03-0175/TR↯Fox founder Rupert Murdoch — who, under oath, called himself a newsman at heart — advocated going slow in confronting Fox's pro-Trump viewers with unwelcome news in order to protect the franchise.◄PE-1008CD122GTT♥"While being a public figure comes with a level of interest from the public, it should never come at the cost of anyone's safety," they added.◨

◐So remind me, what was the purpose of the emergency state?▲562RY5PQA102EF222K۰Generally, a six-year statute of limitations applies to agency actions. Plaintiffs have argued that the FDA's later decisions to expand access to the drug — including in 2021, when it formally allowed the drug to be dispensed via mail — essentially restarted that clock, reopening the door to challenge the approval altogether.□

✍North Korea's neighbour and key trading partner China recently abandoned its zero-COVID policies, and battled a wave of infections that overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums.☀


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1825J6300681GCR☢Pressed by reporters on the issue, Zelenskyy said: "We don't attack Russian territory, we liberate our own legitimate territory."↭DMP1009UFDF-7㊣All the evidence and her patient's story were sealed and locked away, just feet from a wall of thank-you cards from patients and sticky notes of encouragement between nurses.∴


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HV2225Y822JXHATHV↕says John Riggi, the national adviser for cybersecurity and risk at the American Hospital Association.2890-26F→That text was sent in June 2020, during the heart of the national uprising over the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Another text referred to Floyd as "the gorilla who died."▨


▱In his letter to Roberts, Durbin noted that it was not the first time that members of his panel had written to the chief justice about concerns over the court's ethical standards, adding that 11 years ago the panel had urged Roberts to get the Supreme Court to abide by the Judicial Conference's Code of Conduct for United States Judges, which binds every judge in the federal judiciary except Supreme Court justices. Roberts declined at the time, replying that the "Court has had no reason to adopt the Code of Conduct as its definitive source of ethical guidance."⇧0603Y0500223MET♢He said Bolsonarismo is the Brazilian equivalent of Trumpism.●1808Y2K00392KXR✈Former Minister of Tourism René Trabelsi told Tunisian radio Mosaique FM he was at the Ghriba synagogue with family members during the attack. He described the place as almost empty because most visitors had already left the site.➱ERJ3006◎One thing that looks particularly bad for Yoon is that some of the harshest criticism is coming from conservatives who would normally be expected to leap to his defense. An editorial in the conservative Chosun Ilbo, for example, called the Washington Declaration a set of "shackles" on the South.☚

✚It also was one that Fox has since pushed back against.⊙1825Y1K20153KXT♧What would life in America be like if we focused on people instead of cars? One man makes the case that the pursuit of abundant parking is upending our cities and our lives, but that change is within reach.♠

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