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✍The convictions and trial transcripts were referred to the International Criminal Court and the United Nations, which did not recognize them as having legal authority.▧

♤Outside the Supreme Court on Thursday, Khan's lawyers told reporters that the former prime minister will still need to appear at the Islamabad High Court Friday morning to complete the hearing that was abruptly interrupted on Tuesday.↕


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M39006/21-0165▔The report found that in Vietnam, 89% of consumers of traditional Asian medicine believe in unproven products made from tigers and lions.  Of those that use traditional medicine products in Vietnam, 84% preferred big cat products from animals caught in the wild, the report found.↘CMLD6263S BK▣In the refugee camps, "there was not enough food, there was a challenge of nutrition," said Okot, who is also a former NGO programs manager with years of experience helping victims of nodding syndrome. "So people took risks due to that mushroom, even serving it to children. And even the elders were eating it."◦


↣"Depending upon the type of meteorite this is, specimens could easily be worth their weight in gold," said Pitt.□2225J0250473FFT█She has found a vibrant congregation to lead in the town of Enid, Okla., and was thrilled to find out that the church is still supporting outreach and hunger ministries.↿GRM1555C1H100RA01D☎The feelings portrayed in Robbins' social media messages are an example of the fear and paranoia that exist nationwide and push many Americans to reach for their guns, said Mark Bryant, the executive director of Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit group that tracks cases of gun violence.▧BLF2425M7L100J✡The security forces' action came after Punjab Interim Information Minister Amir Mir demanded Khan hand over dozens of "terrorists" he alleged Khan was harboring — protesters authorities believe are among those who smashed up and set fire to army installations last week. Their actions were part of an unprecedented show of anger after paramilitary forces detained Khan last Tuesday from a courthouse. He was released last Thursday, after the Supreme Court ruled his detention was illegal.▫

〓Swaths of eastern Colorado were also affected, with the metro areas of Denver and Colorado Springs seeing unhealthy air quality levels at points on Sunday.▰RGF1J⏎For several years now, a persistent La Niña pattern in the equatorial Pacific Ocean has been easing some of the worst temperature rises, as well as shaking up precipitation patterns. But the World Meteorological Organization says that's all about to change.☭

➪"I'm understand who I am," she said. Her command of English is clearly not as advanced as her son's. "I'm a mother and I try to be happy even in difficult situation. I'm start my life from the zero. I don't think now I have bad life but I have very difficult life."▧

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