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0805Y1000152JAR↨'This heinous act by the terrorist military is yet another example of their indiscriminate use of extreme force against innocent civilians, constituting a war crime," the opposition National Unity Government said in a statement. The NUG calls itself the country's legitimate government, in opposition to the army. The office being opened Tuesday was part of its administrative network.▉1210Y1K00221KFT➩"The service contains new elements that reflect the diversity of our contemporary society,'' Archbishop Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the Church of England, said in a statement. "It is my prayer that all who share in this service, whether they are of faith or no faith, will find ancient wisdom and new hope that brings inspiration and joy."♟


➞Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva also didn't wait for the winner to be officially declared to congratulate Peña.♡1825J2500332JCR⇉The focus appears to be tilting away from harm reduction toward tougher policies, she said.↡AS1PKHM3/84A↫House Republicans also spotlighted payments from Chinese energy company, CEFC China Energy, to another entity that later made payments to Biden family members.♧TAJA225K016SSJV↓So, if Americans love TikTok so much, why has Congress proposed so many bills that could ban the app?▶

✎"Where this data that your [smart] refrigerator was collecting, that your phone was collecting, that the government was collecting — where all of this data was going was intentionally hidden from us," he said. "We are no longer partner to our technology, in large part, just as we are increasingly, unfortunately, no longer partner to our government, so much as subject to them. And this is a dangerous trend."☭M39014/01-1496TR2"Recent investigative reporting has identified multiple instances in which you or entities you own or control have made payments, purchased real estate, or provided gifts, travel, or other items of value to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and members of his family," Senate Judiciary Democrats said in their May 8th letter to Crow.✪


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1206CC223KAZ2A▥A woman who went missing in the Australian wilderness after making a wrong turn survived for five days on wine and candy, local authorities said.₪0603J0500181MDT♦Following the attack on the daycare center, the president announced a 150 million reais (almost $30 million) fund for states and cities to increase police patrols around schools. The federal government has also convened an emergency committee to discuss other possible measures to help prevent more attacks on schools, like social supports for students and families.◦


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0805Y5000150KAT❀Status: Signed into law; when it will go into effect remains unclear☣2211JA250181GCRSPU↞The military did not immediately respond to Khan's accusations, but allegations of this sort have previously gotten Khan in trouble.▅


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S3X-CT⇎A third fire in British Columbia was burning out of control 700 kilometers (430 miles) to the south, in the Teare Creek region, and some residents near the village of McBride were evacuated.◄JAN2N6989➧BBC Chairman Richard Sharp is a former investment banker and longtime donor to the Conservative Party. He was nominated to the BBC's top job in early 2021 by Johnson, who is also a friend.↕


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