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☼Federal law has long banned discrimination based on national origin, with the Justice Department saying "people cannot be denied equal opportunity because they or their family are from another country." What the banks' credit card rejections often cite is a lack of "revolving trades." Translation: no credit history.⇎


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1808Y0108P20BCR◘About a month after Nanuq disappeared, people in Wales, 150 miles (241 kilometers) northeast of Savoonga on Alaska's western coast, began posting pictures online of what they described as a lost dog.◘K151K15C0GH5TL2➩"I will lead a revolution for excellence in our schools. Less C-R-T and more ABCs," adding a pitch for school choice for parents. "No child and no child should be forced to attend failing schools simply because they live in the wrong zip code."⇨

⇖Pasang Dawa Sherpa reached the summit on Sunday morning along with a Hungarian climber, according to expedition organizer Imagine Nepal Treks.✿


⊟ISTANBUL — For the past two decades, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dominated his country's politics. He's been a key and contentious player on the world stage. And he's steadily tightened his grip on power in ways that have weakened the country's democracy.◙SMBG5360C/TR13⊙This week, lawmakers in Pennsylvania's state Senate voted heavily in favor of a ban on supervised drug injection sites, with 22 Democrats supporting the measure. It hasn't yet been approved by the state House.▉VJ0805D821GLXAT★The arbitrators ordered Lindell to pay up within 30 days.☜0603Y0160680JCR⇂The nine-member committee, which first convened nearly two years ago, gave final approval at a meeting in Oakland to a hefty list of proposals that now go to state lawmakers to consider for reparations legislation.♧

❃By the time of his arrest last year, "Salazar had become so involved in drug trafficking that he was commissioning a Mexican songwriter to write a drug ballad known as a 'narcocorrido about him," the U.S. attorney's office said.↰VUO52-16NO1●The anti-abortion movement once appeared more sensitive to arguments that its policies neglect the needs of women and children. An icon of the anti-abortion movement — Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), who died in 2007 — made a point of partnering with liberal Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) on legislation to expand Medicaid coverage and provide more benefits to address infant mortality in the late 1980s.▶


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F950G476MSAAQ2◈Critics have also questioned how he raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for his political campaign.♤1825Y2K00151FCT↯That study suggests the main reason behind the unfair treatment is the way audits are administered through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) — a tax break designed to supplement the income of low-wage workers.↴

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