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1210J2000220GCR◣Today, Castellano is a sophomore at Tufts University. But when he worked, he felt "this sense that working in those fields was going to be the rest of my life, that I had nothing else going for me."⊙T95Z106K035ESAL✲This month marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and in this episode, we are going to look back at the war.  Specifically, we are going to look at the many roles played by CIA during the war, and we are going to talk about the long-term consequences of the conflict.↣

のKim says the nascent model of "combining K-pop's producing technology with foreign talents" will eventually move on to the next stage: non-Korean producers developing local artists in the K-pop model.☁


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CCR06CG272FMTR1☺"I am still happy to come even though it is cloudy. It is happy to see how people with high enthusiasm come here to see the eclipse, because it is rare," Azzahra said.◘NRS5030T330MMGJ➹The nation is currently trying to determine why there's been an increase in school violence — and what can be done to prevent future tragedies. But for some, it's not enough. Rhyllary Barbosa de Sousa, the 15-year-old jiu-jitsu trained survivor, gives voice to what many Americans say:☾


★At the end of his two-day trial in a Nebraska federal court, the judge honored his request to speak. Through a translator, Standing Bear delivered a short but striking speech that included the famous four words that asserted his humanity. Extending his right hand, he told Federal Judge Elmer Dundy, "That hand is not the color of yours, but if I pierce it, I shall feel pain. If you pierce your hand, you also feel pain. The blood that will flow from mine will be of the same color as yours. I am a man. The same God made us both."⇔M39003/01-6053/T98▣The lawsuit contains one claim related directly to the alleged rape and a second claim stemming from remarks Trump made about Carroll's claims last October.⇋CMPZ5256B BK✎There is still no Arab consensus on normalization with Damascus. Several governments did not attend the meeting. Among the most notable absentees was Qatar, which continues to back opposition groups against Syrian President Bashar Assad's government, and continues to resist normalization with Damascus.◈1808J1K20151FCT♐"I hit the portal because I feel like there's better competition week in and week out [elsewhere], and who doesn't like those prime-time games Saturday night, you know?"▎

♐The Ozanam Center shelter sits just five miles from the migrant encampments in Matamoros, Mexico, where thousands of migrants are waiting for Title 42 to expire. The pandemic-era public health order, set to be lifted this week, allows the U.S. to expel migrants without considering asylum.➨C1206C563F4JAC7800▉House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden will meet in person Monday to continue discussions over the debt limit, as the U.S. quickly approaches the date at which it may no longer be able to pay its bills.✁


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1825Y5000390JCT▁The American Civil Liberties Union of North Dakota denounced the new law as "a vast government overreach that undermines the fundamental rights of parents" and that violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process by singling out gender-affirming care for prohibition.♪592D226X06R3A2T13H↷The texts aren't just filled with racist and sexist vitriol, they also seem to suggest possible civil rights violations.♦


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