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⇔The British royal family and prime minister offered their condolences on Monday, the BBC reports.♕160R-100MS⇦At the court itself, lawyers who back the PTI had gathered, shouting: "Khan, your devotees are countless," and "the lawyers are alive," to which he raised a fist above his head as he entered.♦2PB710ARL,235⇗"This appears to be likely bot accounts on Facebook that follow stories posted by police, sheriff's departments, news organizations, etc. and reply via Facebook comments with shortened URLs that purport to link to a YouTube video," Larson said. "These URLs use custom shortening services and, when clicked, the URL will try and capture user data and or redirect them to spam or malicious downloads."◀0805J1000181JCR⇀Seoul's Foreign Ministry said the South Korean inspection team will consist of experts from related government agencies and organizations and that it will soon hold talks with Japanese officials to set up their visit planned for May 23-24.⇖

♞"I was flummoxed," Carroll testified Thursday. She said she thought, "Wait a minute, can we actually speak up and not be pummeled?"▇CKR04BX332KRTR1▌Secretary of State Antony Blinken had been expected to travel to China this weekend for a diplomatic trip, but as the Biden administration weighs a broader response to the discovery of the first balloon, his trip was postponed, two diplomatic sources told CBS News. However, the U.S. does not believe it was timed to scuttle Blinken's trip.↟


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C0402JB0J472K020BC✍Ultimately, Blue finished his 17-year career with a 209-161 record, a 3.27 ERA, 2,175 strikeouts, 143 complete games and 37 shutouts over about 3,300 innings, according to MLB.⊞SRAF1050 C0G☻Nagwa Khalid Hamad, age 66, died last Sunday when a mortar collided with her home in Sudan's capital, Khartoum. Hamad was an ophthalmologist beloved by her patients. She was also a wife and mother of four. She is one of at least 400 people killed since conflict erupted last Saturday.▰

Tensions with China, and with Russia over its war on Ukraine, have loomed large during the talks in Japan, the G-7's only Asian member.▥


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VJ0603D150JLBAJ↦The issue in the recalled Atlas SUVs has caused the passenger occupant detection system to sense a malfunction and turn off the airbag when it shouldn't, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.⇌C1206X102KMGEC7210♂Testing of some debris samples from the fire confirmed the presence of asbestos, the EPA said, and the agency was working with professionals in Indiana and Ohio to remove the hazardous material.


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2225J6K00271JCR⇈Beyond Iraq and WMD and Iraq and terrorism, there was one other important analysis done prior to the war, this time about what post-war Iraq might look like.➹4470R-10K▰Only a small percentage of the sperm make it that far.◧


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