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♪Among the more precious pieces Italian and U.S. officials displayed to journalists in Rome was a B.C. kylix, or shallow two-handled drinking vessel, some 2,600 years old. Also returned was a sculpted marble head from the 2nd century B.C., depicting the goddess Athena.☢


⇕Pasang Dawa Sherpa reached the summit on Sunday morning along with a Hungarian climber, according to expedition organizer Imagine Nepal Treks.→1330-26G▣As for where I find optimism, I'll tell you — I start my day with prayer and I end my day with prayer. That's the biggest thing in my life. I'm a Roman Catholic and for me, that's where it all starts. Prayer is very personal. My prayer is between me and my God. But of course, I also pray with other people. In Kenya, a lot of our meetings actually start with a prayer.◧2220J1000682GFT⇚Colly's gift of speaking to the dead comes naturally to him — Key had it, too. She worked as a birth doula, but found herself connecting with her community in other ways, acting as something of a medium, helping friends and neighbors communicate with loved ones they'd lost. But this comes at a psychic cost to her: "The problem was that the ghosts stayed with me. Each one left a shadow under my eye. They stood where I found them. They looked at me for longer than it took to remember where I'd met them."➵GA1206A1R2BXEBC31G♚In December, CBS Philadelphia reported the Penn Museum helped to make a historic find in northern Iraq — an Assyrian palace in the ancient city of Nimrud. An Iraqi excavation team worked with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Museum to find the palace.❁

☏There have been many stories of local public health workers leaving the job because they faced threats or vitriol. Stewart says yes, sometimes fear makes people lash out, but he says he doesn't take it personally, and that there were plenty of positive connections that are less likely to make the news. "People are afraid, people are processing," when you tell them on the phone that they are positive, whether for COVID-19 or any other infection. "And so when you're in that space with people, that's not personal. So you may have gotten people on the phone who were yelling, who were screaming, but they answered the phone the next day – that's where the care is." --S.S.D.◊K393M10X7RF5TL2⇓In order for Trump's agenda to be implemented nationwide, he would have to convince the majority of lawmakers in Congress as well as those in state legislatures.⇊


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C328C153G2G5TA7301▶Yet another held up walnuts as props, saying, "A bag of these is worth about one share." One young investor took off his shirt to reveal a T-shirt with the words "Stop the Swindle" written in red.◁SJPJ-L3♦A water-quality campaign in 2009, led by the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council, also found elevated arsenic in wells across the valley. As part of its outreach, the nonprofit worked with real estate agents to make sure that domestic wells are tested before someone buys a home.▤


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2225J0500331FFT▁Including a "Middle Eastern or North African" checkbox would likely reduce the share of participants who mark "White" or "Some other race," while increasing the shares marking "Black" or "Hispanic or Latino," the Census Bureau's 2015 research suggests.ЮBC816-16HR◁Rice compares this retrograde motion to when you pass someone on the highway.◊


▬"We think he will help reduce the flow of drugs in our area and reduce property crimes," Miller said. "We felt like he was a good candidate to help us in our county."2225J0500681GFT❀KHARTOUM, Sudan — As foreign governments airlifted hundreds of their diplomats and other citizens from Sudan, Sudanese on Monday desperately sought ways to escape the chaos amid fears the country's two rival generals could escalate their all-out battle for power once evacuations were completed.⇠CC0603JRNPO0BN560↕Ukrainian defense and military officials said that fierce fighting was ongoing. Deputy Defense Minsiter Hanna Malyar even went so far as to say that Ukrainian troops "took the city in a semi-encirclement."☪CPH3216-TL-EX◐On Thursday alone, PacWest slumped just over 50% while Western Alliance lost 38%.ぃ

▣Khalid Omar, a spokesman for the pro-democracy block that negotiated with the generals in recent months, warned that the conflict could lead to war and the country's collapse.☝1206J5000100JCR◊What's the big deal? California beachgoers have reported seeing thousands of the Velella velella along the shoreline recently, though they typically live far offshore.➹


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