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0603J0160122MXT♂Without a national effort to reduce the feral cat population, regional councils can only introduce piecemeal local measures and the Conservation Department can act only on public conservation land, according to charitable trust Predator Free New Zealand.♣C1206X681G3HACAUTO☭One of the biggest change is that the agency will no longer regularly track and release the number of new COVID infections. That's largely because states will no longer be required to report new cases. In addition, home testing, which mostly isn't reported to authorities, has made new infections a less reliable metric, Shah says.♜


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C0603X390M5HACAUTO⇐The derailment comes amid heightened attention to rail safety nationwide after a fiery derailment in February of Norfolk Southern railcars in East Palestine, Ohio. Half of the town's 5,000 residents were evacuated as emergency responders burned off chemicals to prevent an uncontrolled explosion.¤PG0063.104NLT❖MARGARET BRENNAN: And we are back now with the former top economic adviser in the Trump administration and currently the vice chairman of IBM, Gary Cohn. Good morning to you.►


♞Hume established the Platinum Rhino Project, a sprawling 21,000 acre ranch about 100 miles southwest of Johannesburg, in an attempt to legalize the trade of rhino horns, which is banned in most countries. His plan was to create a breeding farm where the horns could be safely sawn off a living rhino and sold on the open market. (Rhino horns are made of keratin – the substance in human fingernails – and can grow back at a rate of about 7 cm per year.)⇁STH290N4F6-6AG➡Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.↗1206Y0100272KCR▷"You meet people in some of their most horrifying, darkest, terrifying times," Towarnicki said. "Being with them and then seeing who they are when they leave, you don't get that doing any other job in health care."▤M39006/30-0290☣A spokesperson for Bragg's office called the hearing a "political stunt."▧

❒The fallout so far includes cries of outrage from various U.S. allies who have been the targets of U.S. intelligence gathering, otherwise known as spying. Some of the official reaction could be for show, of course. It is hard to imagine foreign governments are truly surprised at such activity by the U.S. or anyone else with the means.☛0603J0100272KCRぃA rule approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission last week applies to dressers, armoires, wardrobes and more and is intended to protect children up to 72 months old from unstable furniture.◧

◤The hunting category controversy has highlighted the debate over how best to handle pest control in New Zealand.▊


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1206Y1000180JCR◊"That was a sad, sad sight — knowing there was bodies in there," said Collier, who wasn't entirely relieved when he saw his facility was spared. "I was just numb, thinking about all these other people, what they're going through."▒1N4754APE3/TR8↖Detroit Lions wide receiver Quintez Cephus, Lions safety C.J. Moore and Washington Commanders defensive end Shaka Toney are sidelined for the entire 2023 season and may petition for reinstatement afterward.➘

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