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5022R-244J☊But prosecutor Lockhart elicited that foreign funds are not illegal to finance movie productions in the U.S., getting DiCaprio to say that is "somewhat" common.♦1210J1000470JFT➩Leading up to the vote, polls showed a tight race between Erdogan and his main challenger, Kemal Kilicdaroglu (pronounced KEH-lich-DAHR-OH-loo). Both are longtime politicians. But Erdogan, 69, is a combative — his supporters would say charismatic — populist. Kilicdaroglu, 74, offers a low-key style. He even records campaign videos from a kitchen table — a reminder of the poor economy and rising food prices.✐

⇢That's when he heard a cacophony of sirens outside. Less than 30 minutes later, police officers and parents began to flood the building and Parker directed them to the sanctuary.♡


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GBU10A-T◑"These are not small rivers. They are rivers rivaling the size of the Colorado River," says Abbas. Of the Indus Waters Treaty, he says dividing up rivers and not letting them flow "is something unthinkable today" because in contemporary times "you cannot think of shutting down a river."▊BCP53-6◄The ceremony also will include female bishops for the first time, as well as hymns and prayers sung in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic, as well as English.❈

£Her father and her aunt remain in exile after being deposed by the military on allegations of corruption. Though Thaksin hinted recently that he wished to return this summer to see his new grandson, who Paetongtarn gave birth to earlier this month.▨

✌Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put his overhaul on hold after mass protests against the plan, which has brought together large swaths of Israeli society in opposition to a series of bills that aim to weaken the country's Supreme Court.▩


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