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✁"We have many more volunteers who work countless hours giving their blood, sweat, and tears for these cats," she wrote. "I wouldn't have anything to post if they weren't doing such an amazing job caring for our kitties."▼


⊡Malani does believe that too much worry is not good for you: Fear of COVID or severe anxiety out of proportion to risk can lead to depression and other mental health concerns, says Malani.✌1812J2000182FFRⓛThe Taliban's reputation for human rights violations and terrorism has isolated it on a global stage, contributing to the decline of the Afghan economy, triggering unemployment, poverty and widespread starvation.☢CL31C300KBCNNNC❤That was Castellano's situation.⇖BFP 740FESD E6327↲In a staff memo announcing the closure of BuzzFeed News, Jonah Peretti, the company's CEO, said social media platforms being bad partners is one of the reasons why the news division was shutting down.❣

☻The decorated Vietnam War veteran had survived prostate cancer and hepatitis C behind bars when a judge granted him early release late last year.♂GRM022R61A331MA01L∷Prosecutors argued Teixeira is a flight risk because he is a prime target for foreign governments looking for American secrets. During the trial they compared him to former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked classified documents in 2013 and then fled the country.→


∷"Broken Arrow police investigators have reviewed the medical examiner's reports in reference to the incident we reported as an octuple murder-suicide," the police department said in a statement Monday.◀1110-1R2M-RC♙The twice-impeached Trump has spent years delegitimizing investigations into his conduct. Trump has described them as "witch hunts" and "Deep State" conspiracies.◨GA1210A681KBCAT31G●Jeffrey Day said he called his daughter after seeing on the news that their community of Adamsville was being hit. Huddled in a closet with her 2-year-old son as the storm passed over, she answered the phone screaming.♣DC630R-683K◙Scott Wiener, a former supervisor-turned-state senator who authored the original ban, agreed that the measure hadn't produced the intended results.△

☀Thomas has long been regarded as the court's anchor on the right, so it is not surprising to hear a cadre of outspoken progressives in Congress urge Thomas to resign or call for his impeachment.↺GA0603A6R8DBBAT31G◑Really jarring turbulence "can impart pretty big loads on the airplane," he says. However, "the design standards of modern aircraft are really high."❁

✄The Palestinian Health Ministry said the men were killed by Israeli fire near the city of Nablus and identified them as Jihad Mohammed al-Shami, 24, Uday Othman al-Shami, 22 and Mohammed Raed Dabeek, 18.♩

⇎Another approach goes by the clunky name content provenance. The goal is to make it clear where digital media — both real and synthetic — comes from.✎


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