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♗The verdict against Holmes came after a 46 days of trial testimony and other evidence that cast a spotlight on a culture of greed and hubris that infected Silicon Valley as technology became a more pervasive influence on society and the economy during the past 20 years.☽C1206C472GMGECAUTO♂The rise of "Some other race" — which is legally required on the census by Congress and is now the second-largest racial category in the U.S. after white — helped drive earlier research by the bureau into alternative ways of asking about race and ethnicity.▼APT14M120B♡Biden earlier declared broad areas of the country major disaster areas, making federal resources and financial aid available for recovery.▀IXB200I600NA◥Last year, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which had guaranteed abortion rights for decades, President Biden's Justice Department issued a memo stating that the Comstock Act does not apply to the mailing of abortion pills as long as the sender intends for them to be used legally. The Food and Drug Administration under Biden has been allowing that since 2021.♣

✿Officials plan to order inspections of registered addresses "to check whether there exist conditions for safekeeping," anti-crime department officer Bojana Otovic Pjanovic said on Serbian state TV network RTS. "If not, the guns will be taken away and punishment will be rigorous."◄ER1537-108JR▒BERLIN (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Sunday that his country is preparing a counteroffensive designed to liberate areas occupied by Russia, not to attack Russian territory.◎


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1812Y1K00121GCT⇂In the interview published weeks before Malcolm X was assassinated, Haley quoted King as saying:▬1808Y0500221KDR↥As the declaration ends, "I think it's a bit early to tell how that will impact long haulers," Fisseha says. One worry she has is that the decrease in data reporting will affect long-COVID research and its funding. For instance, there may be people who get COVID and have lingering symptoms, but ones that are not serious enough to go to the doctor – those cases might be missed, which could affect how well the condition is understood. "There's still so much to learn and know," she says. --Selena Simmons-Duffin➻


↭"I wanted to understand not only what the Cultural Revolution had done to China but how it was still shaping it," Branigan writes, about a decade beginning in 1966 of extreme political violence and, frequently, physical violence against anyone deemed bourgeois and counterrevolutionary. Chairman Mao Zedong instigated the movement to distract from his massive political blunders earlier (including a famine that killed tens of millions) and to depose his political rivals.➡VS-30EPH06-N3▇El-Faham said he and others heard warnings about it being a scam, but as the app initially continued paying out money as promised, it was easy to dismiss those reports. The people behind the app even used the warnings of fraud as a marketing tool, he said.»C0402C102F8JAC7867♥On winning a Pulitzer alongside a family member:▀C0805C682K3GECAUTO7210→In mid-April Hyundai also announced it had partnered with AAA-affiliated insurers on a program to offer insurance plans to people who had bought cars affected by the thefts. Kia spokesperson James Bell told NPR the company was also working with insurers on a solution.➲

△Penny Dale is a freelance journalist, specializing in human interest and historical storytelling. She worked at the BBC World Service for 20 years, including three years as a reporter in her home country Zambia. She is now based in London, where she writes, makes podcasts and radio documentaries and trains journalists.⊟TAZG685K025CBSB0800▩Overall, 74% of people between the ages of 45 and 65 years of age have at least a few silver strands, according to research from the National Institutes of Health.▂

▤A federal grand jury has indicted a Minnesota man on charges of stealing a pair of the famous ruby red slippers that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz.ⓞ

▐But before a judge could rule on that motion, Moskowitz said his team had another idea. The attorney had prepared a second complaint after clients alleged they’d been scammed by another one of O’Neal’s ventures, which sold non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. When they saw O’Neal was covering the game between the Heat and Celtics, a process server sprang into action.↹


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