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✎The MIT economist David Autor has long studied this phenomenon. He calls it "job polarization" and a "hollowing out" of the middle class. Basically, the data suggests that the last few decades of technological change was a major contributor to increasing inequality. Technology has mostly boosted the incomes of college-educated and skilled workers while doing little for — and perhaps even hurting — the incomes of non-college-educated and low-skilled workers.♈MCC220-14IO1✲Khalid Omar, a spokesman for the pro-democracy block that negotiated with the generals in recent months, warned that the conflict could lead to war and the country's collapse.→1808AA471KATME⇅A hippopotamus descended from animals illegally brought to Colombia by the late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has died in a collision with an SUV on a highway near Escobar's hacienda, environmental authorities said Wednesday.↷C327C569C3G5TA◩Makenzi has been on hunger strike for the past four days while in police custody.▷

♞Both Moscow and Beijing have accused Washington of trying to isolate them and to hold back their development as they challenge the U.S. for regional and global leadership.◎564R30TSD68↻It's been six weeks since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank threatened to kick off a nationwide bank run. Now, U.S. regulators are due to issue their postmortem reports.▋


╬The Dalai Lama has apologized for kissing a young boy on the lips and asking him to "suck my tongue" after a video of the incident sparked outrage on social media.▭1808J0100822JXR☇Their goal was to create a hit but with an unusual lyrical premise — to teach people how to detect stroke symptoms and respond appropriately. Williams wanted to demonstrate that hip-hop could be used for public health interventions.▍1210J2000102JAT♀The most exhaustive battery of exams conducted on Ugandan nodding syndrome sufferers occurred in the spring of 2014. The voluntary participants — a family of eight, three of whom had nodding syndrome — were transported to National Institutes of Health facilities in Maryland for two weeks. Virtually every nodding syndrome research group drew conclusions from the family's test results: The patients had a history of O. volvulus infections and exhibited borderline low levels of the vitamin B6, which likely helps with brain function by lowering levels of a protein linked to dementia and cognitive decline. Two also experienced brain atrophy. Yet genetic testing ruled out hereditary epilepsy and other brain diseases.☆HFA210NJ60C→The legal conference drew a mix of people who've advocated against vaccines for years before the pandemic, and those, like Kirsch, who are more recent converts. He said he actually got two Moderna shots when COVID vaccines became available.♀

⇡"People should understand that the food they're eating on a daily basis is harvested by oppressed people," Cuello says. The food and other agricultural products that everyone consumes are "touched by millions of people who sometimes have no choice but to send their children to work."0603Y0502P70CCT✡McCarthy and his top vote counter, Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., both worked into Wednesday to secure the votes to pass the Limit, Save and Grow Act of 2023. The speaker argued changes to the plan were minor.⇐

⇌The juvenile suspect's age was confirmed by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, according to The Dallas Morning News.→


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C1206X331G4HACAUTO▣In an email to NPR, Jordan Jewell, a 21-year-old passenger aboard that flight, recounted how two flight attendants "hit the ceiling head first" during one of the drastic altitude changes. Jewell later noticed that one of them left "a massive dent in the ceiling of the plane."❖C1206C103FAGEC↜Near a window, a cluster of plastic pots with the sprouts of African violets sat on a table, each flower planted by a student in the days before schools in Kharkiv shut down. A gift for their mothers. Ready to grow. Full of potential.】

❤“I think he needs to be remembered as kind of the OG or the godfather of the whole soil health movement,” said David Kleinschmidt, an agricultural consultant and a friend of Brandt’s.❀

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