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☂The results of studies later done on Makena were disappointing, so in 2020 the FDA recommended withdrawing the drug. But because Covis didn't voluntarily remove the drug at the time, a hearing was held in October – two years later – to discuss its potential withdrawal.♂


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C0805C154J1RECAUTO7210Much of Wednesday's hearing centered on whether the coalition of abortion opponents had standing to file their lawsuit.↭SA101C222MARC⊟The FAA projects that this Thursday will be the busiest day of the Memorial Day weekend, with more than 51,000 flights forecast.Θ


☋He reportedly put the bust on a nearby table, and the explosion followed. Smotrova described people running in panic, some hurt by shattered glass and covered in blood.☜TSM170N06PQ56 RLG☻"I don't know what the answers are. But to everyone who helps make policy — at state, city, federal — I would simply ask you to do something. Because doing nothing, which is what we've been doing, is not working."✡1812J6K00180KCR⊠It was a little after 11 p.m. as Towarnicki headed home, an early night. She knew her phone could go off again.⊙C0603C820F1HAC7867☋No one has been arrested in the case so far.↾

↣They'll make their way along The Mall — a ceremonial promenade, not a shopping center — to Trafalgar Square and then past the Whitehall government buildings and Parliament to Westminster Abbey. Thousands or possibly millions will likely line the nearly 1.5-mile route.↩VJ0805A121KXAMC➵Johnson, whose mother is Samoan, will be a producer on the upcoming movie and will reprise his role as Maui, who was inspired by Johnson's late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia.♣


⇓This year, Americans United for Life and Democrats for Life of America put out a joint position paper urging policymakers to "make birth free." Among their suggestions are automatic insurance coverage, without deductibles or copays, for pregnancy and childbirth; eliminating payment incentives for cesarean sections and in-hospital deliveries; and a "monthly maternal stipend" for the first two years of a child's life.⇊CQ0805BRNPO9BN6R8△Here is what we know about him:◦1111Y1K00470FQT➛In each state, the implications for African Americans in particular have been profound. In 2018, an analysis by The Advocate newspaper in Louisiana found that 40% of trial convictions in the state came over the objection of at least one holdout. When the defendant was Black, that number rose to 43%. It fell to 33% for defendants who were white.♕2220Y3K00221JCR✿Still, the new labeling requirements have gotten some pushback from trade groups representing alcohol sellers in the European Union, who say it will make trade more difficult within the bloc.▪

◈RICHMOND, Va. — A first-grade Virginia teacher who was shot and seriously wounded by her 6-year-old student filed a lawsuit Monday seeking $40 million in damages from school officials, accusing them of gross negligence for allegedly ignoring multiple warnings on the day of the shooting that the boy had a gun and was in a "violent mood."☻1025-04G❣The company's portfolio of brands is known for its influential modern designs, including the Eames lounge chair and the Aeron desk chair, both of which retail for over $1,000.➯

ⓞHundreds of businesses and medical professionals signed letters warning that both the abortion ban and the trans health restrictions would prompt corporations and doctors to leave the state. A letter submitted Friday and signed by more than 1,200 Nebraska medical professionals called the bill "a direct attack on the medical community of our state."⇪

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