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▥The Associated Press quoted Russian defense officials as saying their forces aimed long-range cruise missiles at places where Ukrainian military reserve units were staying and achieved their goal.☽

↗The moment is meant to underscore the importance of young people in the world today, according to Lambeth Palace, the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.☼


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VJ0603D4R7CLXAJ☢Nebraska's restrictions on gender-affirming care wouldn't take effect until Oct. 1. The abortion ban will take effect as soon as the governor signs it. Bill opponents promised to sue to stop both measures.⇏564RAA202EF222MA12♟Lawmakers will introduce a bill in coming weeks that would end an exemption for Disney parks when it comes to ride inspections by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, DeSantis said at a news conference near Disney World.☽


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C324C621F3G5TA◦"I would be with Doug for hours and hours into the wee hours of the morning," Williams recalls. "We would be going over different beats, different sounds."↑SQCB7A330JATME\500♨The next time Shiv gets on the phone with Matsson, it's at her desk, and opposite her, Tom sits with his feet up on her desk. This is a pose of complete relaxation and collaboration. His comfort with sitting this way tells you everything about where they are now. Their relationship was largely built on her ability to push him around, and now that he's proved that he can push back, it's like now they ... are in love again? Differently? Maybe better? At any rate, she talks to Matsson about whether there might be a way to disrupt Kendall's presentation of Living+, and that seems to be the impetus for his very very ugly tweet — which she doesn't think was a good idea at all. She immediately sneaks off to hop on the phone, and that's when Matsson deletes the tweet, for which the entire team incorrectly credits Kendall's great response.♠


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0805Y0507P50BQT⇗But Williams knew when it came to more traditional public health interventions, "they don't diffuse into society" as easily. "Our problem is not coming up with the answers. Our problem is often scaling those answers." To Williams, music, and hip-hop in particular, could serve as a powerful tool. "Music has always been able to diffuse not just through our personal lives but across the world," he says. "And yet in my mind, we hadn't fully leveraged it for public health."♠1825J0100394MXR☆The government elected a year ago is increasing resources for aged care.⇩

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