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CDR01BX331BKMM☣Lynch argued that while the shooting in Colorado Springs was often held up as a reason to pass these types of gun restrictions, "evidence shows they would've done absolutely nothing to stop that."☂APT6010JLL◦Over 2,000 police were expected to be deployed in Jerusalem on Sunday – when tens of thousands of Jews are expected to gather at the Western Wall for the special Passover priestly blessing. The Western Wall is the holiest site where Jews can pray and sits next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, where large crowds gather each day for prayers during Ramadan.➪


ºFirst Republic announced plans to cut costs, by laying off 20-to-25% of its workforce in the coming months, and reducing its real estate holdings.☂NS10155T3R3NNA◈"It's not the damage to the school that I mourn," Yana Tsyhanenko, the head of school, said that day as she surveyed the damage, the glass crunching under her feet. "It's the destruction of childhood."卐1812J6300223JKTU99▀BERLIN — Police across Europe arrested dozens of people, raided homes and seized millions of euros in assets on Wednesday, in a coordinated crackdown on Italy's 'ndrangheta organized crime syndicate, one of the world's most powerful, extensive and wealthy drug-trafficking groups.➽1206J0250332JFT❀But it's not the first time chaos was the norm on the social media site.♤

⊙The new red flag law, also called an extreme risk protection order, empowers those working closely with youth and adults — doctors, mental health professionals, and teachers — to petition a judge to temporarily remove someone's firearm. Previously, petition power was limited mainly to law-enforcement and family members. The goal is to act preemptively before someone attempts suicide or attacks others.◑1206SA390JAT4A↟At least eight officers were on the scene and saw Chauvin's knee on Pope's neck while Pope begged him to take it off, according to the complaint.➣

↴What's the big deal? You might not need us to tell you this, but any reduction in a free press is cause for concern.⇄


◎In Washington state, a mascot ban passed by the legislature in 2021 requires schools with a Native mascot to get permission from the nearest federally recognized tribe to continue using it. State Rep. Debra Lekanoff, who is part (Alaskan) Aleut, pushed for the bill and says it's really an opportunity for "a consultation between the local school district and the [tribes] ... on how to [use such a mascot] in a respectful way."⊞VS-30CTQ045PBF↞Eig was asked whether he feels Haley or his editors were responsible for the inconsistencies.⇠CD0603-B0140L⇠The rise of "Some other race" — which is legally required on the census by Congress and is now the second-largest racial category in the U.S. after white — helped drive earlier research by the bureau into alternative ways of asking about race and ethnicity.◆AOT264L⇢"We have an opportunity to see what's the appropriate role of the federal government," LaBelle says. "It's not too late."₪

▪"Most European countries have very strong social safety net systems in place and the U.S. doesn't," he notes. "So, when those services disappear, there really isn't anything to replace them."✎C420C911K2G5TA⇑For more than three decades, Perry had lived with his wife, Sandra, in St. Helena, where her family had lived since the 1840s. After she died in 2015, he decided to pack up and move to Napa, not far to the south, about two years later. Boxes of old books that had been passed down in the family came with him.◙


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40L15CTS▼"That day I realized, staring at the screen, that no one will be as hot or cool as Princess Leia," Lourd said.2SA733-R-AP✒Scandals involving Johnson's turbulent time in office continue to plague the UK's ruling Conservative Party and British institutions. And this one comes at a time when many media outlets – especially those that receive public funding, as the British Broadcasting Corporation does – are struggling to prove their editorial independence at a time of heightened political disinformation.▰

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