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SD103CW-TP⇐"The utter brutality of the deadly beating that Tyre suffered is once again highlighted in these official autopsy results," Crump and Romanucci said in a statement sent to NPR on Thursday. "... No part of this young man was spared as he was tortured to death by these officers."⇂1808J6300270JCT▇Take, for example, her two-page vignette called "I Like to Get High at Night and Think About Whales." The title is practically as long as the essay itself. There's a meta-observation about relative size somewhere in that fact but, mostly, the piece is about exactly what it claims to be: Irby sucking down pot gummies and watching whale videos, or as she puts it, "whales doing whale shit." What starts as a standard stoner musing soon morphs into a pensive trip in which Irby yearns for peace and calm — and it somehow blindsides you with its abrupt shift from silly to profound. Elsewhere, the essays titled "Chub Street Diet" and "David [sic] Matthews's Greatest Romantic Hits" draw on her fixation with ostensibly uncool music — corny 1970s yacht rock and corny 1990s singer-songwriters — by structuring narratives around Spotify playlists. Naturally, her running musical commentary says more about her.↧


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MMSZ5244C-G3-08♦Bausch says FIND is also working to support test makers based directly in low- and middle-income regions. "There's one in Dakar called DIATROPIX "that's trying to figure out what its sweet spot can be. It has no interest, of course, in getting into competition with huge diagnostic makers [in wealthy countries] that can sell tests for pennies. But there may be a niche for it in making products that a huge diagnostic maker [might] not consider has a large enough market."♈ZMM62☣"Projects that capture available precipitation, stormwater, or floodwaters to recharge depleted groundwater basins need to be ready to capture high flows when they are available during each wet season," said Karla Nemeth, the agency's director.♔


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04025A910GAT2A♦So far, he says his office has reviewed about half the backlog. Most cases involved someone who did, in fact, commit a crime, he acknowledges, and the majority of those inmates have been resentenced and are still in prison.↶K823M10X7RF53L2♥Surveillance video and license plate reader records show Williams driving to South 3rd Street and performing a "hand-to-hand exchange" with Cartagena the day before his death, the police said.】


↘"If it's no communication it's no communication regardless of the circumstances," she said, according to NBC News. "The people who know me knew and respected that."☎2220J1K00181FCR▁Few anti-abortion groups are following that example by pushing policies to make it easier for people to get pregnant, give birth, and raise children. Most of those efforts are flying under the radar.▌C1206C361K8HACAUTO♪The Rules Committee will meet Monday to discuss legislation that would effectively prohibit school athletic programs from allowing transgender women to participate in women's school sports programs.☊0505J250P200BQT↸"This is an exciting and transformative opportunity for co-ops and their local communities, particularly as we look toward a future that depends on electricity to power more of the economy," Matheson said. "USDA has smartly structured this program in a way that will help electric co-ops leverage new tools to reduce costs and keep energy affordable while meeting the future energy needs of their rural communities."☪

♦Morishita said the helicopter disappeared from radar earlier than previously thought.◣2225Y0630331GCT✿They added that the school and others involved had gotten "vile & inappropriate emails and messages," and stressed that the hunting competition is run independently by volunteers and for an important cause.⇖


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1808J1K00471KDT↔Aurora and her family never answered that message Daniel sent. Was it too painful to stay in touch? Or had they just gotten busy, adjusting to life in a new country?♧2225J0160330JCR✿GARY COHN: No, I think, Larry, Larry's not overstating it. This is a crisis of confidence right now. To some extent, bank runs are a crisis of confidence. The government has put in place a backstop for the two banks that we know are in trouble. The banking industry itself is trying to help a third bank by putting deposits into that bank. So we know what the remedy is for three banks. But there are thousands of small and regional banks in the United States. This usually just doesn't stop after two. We're going to continue to go and investors and depositors will evaluate each bank and one by one they will start saying which what is the next bank that is least secure that I most likely do not want to have my deposits in.➸


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