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☀The airlines and their expert witnesses argued that the government couldn't show that the alliance, which had been in place for about 18 months at the time, had led to higher fares. They said it helped them start new routes from New York and Boston. And most importantly, they said, the deal benefitted consumers by creating more competition against Delta and United Airlines.▪


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HFZ471KBFEF0KR⊞He's officially back to working out with the team, Brandon Beane, the Bills' general manager, said at a pre-draft press conference on Tuesday.❦1825J1K50390GCR←The school district serves more than half a million students in the area, an enrollment size that is second only to the New York City Public Schools system.♡


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C0805C472GAGECAUTO☋The seven were the latest victims of mass shootings in the U.S., whose targets included Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee; a bank in Louisville, Kentucky and a Sweet 16 party in a small city in Alabama.➬PM3308-680M-RC⇢The invitation, printed on recycled cards with gold foil detailing, features symbolic flora, fauna and coats of arms. It will be sent to over 2,000 guests inviting them to the May 6th event at Westminster Abbey (where first lady Jill Biden will represent the U.S.).↭

♠Souza, the director, has said he'll return to the "Rust" production to honor the legacy of Halyna Hutchins.♥


➨The government order comes a day after NK News, citing sources in Pyongyang, reported that people in the city appeared to be stocking up on goods in anticipation of a lockdown. It is unclear if other areas have imposed similar lockdowns and state media has not announced any new measures.↗12065A302GAT2AぃInvestigators solicited and evaluated a range of potential alternative explanations from victims, current officers and experts, including the possibility of extraterrestrial causes and insider threats. They consulted with allied intelligence services. In some cases, the officials said, analysts spent "months" pursuing an individual lead only to have it dissipate.☻T491C106M016AS✿In the second paragraph of the paper's summary, the analysts wrote what is in retrospect an amazing sentence.  They said quote "We lack specific information on many key aspects of Iraq's WMD programs." Unquote.▔CD214A-RS1M↕They said that Khan would remain under the Supreme Court's custody and he is now allowed to meet his family and a limited number of friends. It is not immediately clear when Khan, who faces multiple corruption charges in Pakistani courts, will be allowed to return home.◈

◆Michigan State Police 1st Lt. John Grimshaw called Burns' actions "extraordinary" and said he likely prevented his sister from being harmed further during the May 10 incident.⇍2SC48050QL☎A Sikh religious leader, Jasbir Singh Rodde, said Singh surrendered to police after offering morning prayers at a Sikh shrine in Moga. Police then arrested him and took him away, he said.•


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